Sinclair seizes synergy: Magician uses routine to tie tricks together

October 15th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

There’s a lot to learn from Aiden Sinclair. Sure, we’re stoked that he used three things you can find only here at Ellusionist. But the genius is how he strings them together. Watch this performance he gave on-air to WWAY-TV in Wilmington, N.C.

Go ahead, click that link. WWAY has some seriously crappy embed code in its videos, so we’ll wait while you watch.

Sinclair pairs solid technique with powerful story. He used synergy, a technique of combining effects so that they benefit each other (Editor’s note: Synergy is a concept near and dear to my heart). This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned him: He caught some buzz on the Ellusionist Performance HQ Forums for an interesting subtlety he added to an effect you all should know. But what impresses us is the performance he gives. Sinclair uses a paranormal theme in his presentation. See how he casually mentioned the age of the deck? Notice how the story, the spoken word, provided all the distraction and misdirection he needed?

In a nutshell, magicians like Sinclair are why we do what we do. Even with our playing cards, we’ve never been content to just put out simple variations of already tried concepts. We push our creativity to come up with themes that you can use to enhance your character, and weave your way into your spectators’ minds.

We want you to PERFORM. We want you to get the attention.

Just keep that in mind with all the stuff you see coming in the next couple of months…

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