Shin Lim’s ShinSplint kicks up your card magic to another level

August 23rd, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Inspired by the work of Guy Hollingworth and James Chandler, Shin Lim has come up with ShinSplint, a beautiful, clean inversion effect that left us like deer in the headlights when we first saw it.

Based on nothing but your skill, your audience will see four cards turn themselves over in your hand, one by one. Not really your hand, actually — during the “watch this” moments, the magic happens in your fingertips.

No fancy movement, no finger-flexing or flourishing here. All they see is you tilting a fan delicately. And despite how slowly you move, the end result hits them in the eyes. It’s that good. Prepare to hear a lot of people say, “What the…”

Shin, who is a multiple award winner from the IBM, FISM and WMS. has developed a twist on the inversion plot that people will demand to see again. It’s impromptu — there’s no gimmicks or gaffs here, only your skills. It’s flexible enough to work into your presentations — use it to lead into a Travelers or Collectors routine. Or just do this, and leave them in a state of awe.

ShinSplint is available as a download right now.


  1. What level of a card magician do you need to be to this effect? Are their a lot of sleights to be mastered for it?

  2. james Chadier on:

    Hello Guys

    Glad to see that French Connexion inspired you
    Just to say Chadier not Chandler … 😉


    Keep it up

    James Chadier

  3. james Chadier on:

    and to answer to Norman

    i think it depends of the quantity of work you want to put in this trick
    it depends of the time you want to spend to make it great and natural in your hands…

  4. Thanks for the comments. Correction however: it’s CHADIER, not Chandler.

    again thanks to James chadier for inspiring this routine

  5. this is a great trick, but its hard to do. To me it was hard.

  6. james Chadier on:

    the best advice Lance is to let it go in your fingers
    don’t drop the cards but try to not press to much the cards when you make the move and let the law of physics doing the work for you… you have a helper !

    card move in magic have to make without any stress and pressure from the hands
    relax your fingers and take out the tension you will see all your card move (try with your pass) and maybe this move will make it flowing like water in your fingers it’s magic you will see !
    and you will live more older in the same time … why not to try ?