Shadows for sale: Decks available near half price

May 24th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Summer is nearly here, and for many of us, that means it’s prime performance time. That also means it’s time to stock up.

We’re here to help. Until midnight Thursday (U.S. Eastern), Shadow Masters decks are available for $3.87 a deck (limit of 12). That’s a discount of about 45 percent, whether you buy one or a brick.

There are tons of videos of people performing with these decks. Magicians and flourishers love them for the darkly shaded theme and design elements combined with the extra-durable stock and finish. We’ve watched some incredible presentation ideas for that joker reveal, and loved the fans and displays that flourishers create with them.

Bottom line: This is one of our best-selling decks for which we have never had a sale like this. Don’t miss out. The deadline is midnight Thursday… we can’t say when they will ever be this cheap again.


  1. MagicPassion on:

    Shadows for sale: Decks available near half price: Summer is nearly here, and for many of us, that means it’s prim…

  2. Got mine…don’t miss out on this one!!

  3. dave donkey on:

    Ellusionist is the best magic store in the WORLD. All ellusionist decks have good handling, but to tell the truth I like shadow masters out of all the decks. I wish I have all the decks in ellusionist, but my dad said that he is losing money, so I have to wait till next year to buy more decks. Thanks Ellusionist bye.

  4. Pat Tompkins on:

    I have arthritus in my hands so the doc advised me to take up a hobby to help keep my hands nimble.I was doing magic shows from 14-17 so I thought CARDS would be perfect!So off to the store I went and got a couple of decks of riders.Imagine the disapointment when I found that I felt when I found that I couldn’t control the cards! I just couldn’t keep them in my hands! I was totaly bummed having already experienced the joys of conjuring with cards.Well about 2 weeks ago a friend came over with a deck of masters and after much cajoling he finally talked me into giving them a try.WOW!!…Absolete,instant return of feeling that good old feeling.I wasn’t exactly dealing centers but I wasn’t dropping them either. ! I live out in the boonies so I can’t just go to the store and get some so onto the puter I go and WOW!!again.Boy have things ever changed since I was a deck-a-day user.Only Bikes and the odd casino decks friends brought back from hollidays were controlable for me.Now!,finaly to the point.I see that i’ve missed the perfect sale for me but let me present a wish list and see what you can do for me.If a brick is still 12 decks , how good of a deal could you give me on a brick of masters,half shadows and half blue masters,1gaff deck of shadows,1 gaff deck of blue masters & 1 deck of the old vintage,1800’s Invisable deck. I think that should do me for about 3 months and then we’ll go from there. Maybe I’ll have a club started by then.HA!!!

  5. Bicycle cards are probably the best for the price. They are easy to find, and reellivaty cheap. As with any other card, they will eventually wear out. However, for casual use, a deck of cards will go close to half a year. You will see some wear and tear on them, but if it is just a hobby, then that it alright. Even after they start wearing out though, they won’t really stick too bad. It will become nearly impossible to fan the cards (unless you learn a pressure fan), but I find that isn’t much of a problem.If you are still just learning, Bicycle cards are great as well because you will be able to find them anywhere. So unlike cards that you have to order online, you won’t have to wait to get back to doing magic.References : 10 years of doing magic.