Serial Biller contest winner named

December 1st, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

First off: My apologies for letting this get lost in the madness of Arcane and the holidays. But Chua Koon Yuan’s entry into the Be Killer With Biller contest deserves your eyeballs:

Chua piles miracle upon miracle in this video, using magic tricks and concepts from Serial Biller and a couple of other incredible ideas (the bill inside card caught our judges off guard). For his trouble, he wins six decks of Arcanes, an hourlong video conference with creator Rich Ferguson and a $1 bill with Ferg’s autograph. Congratulations!

And while we’re talking about Serial Biller, there’s been some conversation about finding some necessary items. Ferguson tells us that this process is getting easier, because the vendors are stocked up for the holidays. There’s no time like the present, but get there before the holidays are over.


  1. New blog post: Serial Biller contest winner named

  2. Manish Malhotra on:

    Congrats Chua Koon Yuan.

  3. Congrats! A unique trick which is so hardly seen! Well done! :)

  4. Very creative application, but it’s over 4 minutes of nothing but procedure before there’s any magic. Also, be more careful with flashpaper, dude. You almost burned that girl’s face off.

    Congrats on winning. You definitely came up with something unique!

  5. this is just awesome!!!!

  6. Thank you all! Yeah!! Finally announced! Now can’t wait for the video session!

  7. umm u should make a video and send it in i would pay for it thats a sweet trick that easily i would pay $30 to have it revealed to me

  8. Hey how come i can’t see the video?
    i’d really like to see!
    and congrats!

  9. Here’s the link :

    Had a great time chatting with Rich. We shared a few thoughts on serial biller, the difficulties i have starting off. Also i learnt that Rich is a very impromptu guy and knows tons of ways to do a trick and a great mentalist. A trick which can change into many different ways to be presented. We also talked about business magic. It’s cool to see the namecards he have. It really give me a better direction on magic and what i can do. Really thank you so much Rich :D. Ohya, Also stay tuned to Rich new releases!

  10. RT @ellusionist: Serial Biller contest winner named
    Bill still yet received :(

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