SELL OUT shows with NO advertising budget

October 12th, 2010 | Jeremy Bennett | Filed Under General

Want to sell out shows but have NO BUDGET to advertise?

Conventional advertising is effective but can only get you so far. But we, as performers can only attract so many people to our shows with posters, radio ads, and word of mouth.

So…You have a limited advertising budget BUT have a very creative mind. What can you do?

It’s called ‘guerilla marketing’.

Guerilla marketing is a type of marketing that relies on ‘creativity’ as opposed to ‘big budgets’. It’s the type of marketing that gains attention because it makes people want to share it with others. We see it on youtube and other social media websites all the time.

What are the videos getting the millions of hits? It’s not the 2 million dollar Hollywood movie trailers. It’s the videos shot on a home camcorder that’s either funny, shocking or controversial that gets the attention. It’s the type of video that people ‘want’ to share with their friends and family.

Take for example this video that I created to help sell out a show I had on October 02. I had a limited time frame to get the message out to the public of a very small town. Conventional marketing only took me so far so I came up with a youtube video that took care of selling out the show. The video title was, “Jeremy Bennett ACTUALLY reveals how he Levitates.” Obviously I don’t really expose how the levitation is performed BUT the title alone drew thousands of viewers. And once they actually saw what really happens in the video they WANTED to share the video with family and friends. Of course at the end of the video was an advertisement for my show.

Get creative and create something that others will WANT to share with others. Don’t be too obvious with the promotion side of the video. Make the video about your VIEWER. Make them laugh, make them intrigued, and MAKE THEM WANT TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS!

Using these types of videos you can market your upcoming shows, your website, your product or your name in general.

Be creative and have fun!
SELL OUT shows with NO advertising budget

SELL OUT shows with NO advertising budget

Jeremy has starred in the Canadian television series “Supernatural Investigator (filmed in the U.K. and the U.S.A.)”, starred in the first-of-its-kind internationally broadcasted television show “Believe”, and is in production of his very own 13-episode series called “Occam’s Razor” where he will travel the world exploring different supernatural topics.


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