See 56 cards in three minutes: Gregory Wilson previews the Arcane Gaff deck

November 9th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Ever since we published the full galleries of the upcoming Arcane Gaff Deck, we’ve been loaded with questions: “How the heck do you use THAT?”

This video may or may not answer those questions (Spoiler: Probably not). But Gregory Wilson shows off each one and talks about some of each card’s potential. You’ll get a taste for Wilson’s style and abilities, which awaits you in Arcane Gaff Techniques.

All of this gaff goodness will be available at 4 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15 (U.S. Eastern) Until then, enjoy:

Arcane Gaff Deck – 56 Cards in 3 Minutes from Ellusionist on Vimeo.


  1. Gregory Wilson shows off 56 Arcane gaff cards in three minutes. Check the video evidence, and his descriptions:

  2. so damn great and amazing gaff cards……..

  3. I think, it will be better, to do 2 different decks.
    And also, include some gaffs line in Blue Gaffed deck… Some “invisible” gaffs… Some double backer gaffs,but black/white.
    This deck is good, but it will be better, if there will be 3 cards monte, some slow color changing cards(like Ultragaff)
    i think it will be very cool, with 2 different decks(for example – black will be like this, and white is that i write at the beggining)… A lot of people have 2 decks – white and black, so with new gaff deck, they could us both…
    Sorry for my English, if you want some other ideas(near 40 ideas i have in my notepad, both new and classic), just post that you need this… I will be glad to share!

  4. Thursday three-for-all: New magic will be available later this week | Online Magic News – Ellusionist Street Magic Blog on:

    […] is going to be a crazy week of new releases. You already know about Arcane Gaff Techniques and the white and black Arcane Gaff Decks, which will be available in about 60 minutes. […]

  5. That was 4 minutes