Season five of Mindfreak debuts

August 13th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel

Did you catch the season opener of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak last night? What did you think of the White Death? Here’s a few bullets about the latest season:

  • Next week’s episode (Aug. 19) features a walk through a mine field. Angel talked more about it in this interview with The Deadbolt, as well as a mass levitation episode set for Aug. 26.
  • Angel talked more about the episode, how Twittered rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated and more in this interview with Good Day L.A. Did he mention something about a magic kit for sale at the end?
  • The Mindfreak’s naysayers should enjoy a new game on A&E’s Web site: Kill Criss Angel. If only they could, they wish. Those of you with good Web cams will also enjoy this game.


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  2. Link fixed. Sorry about that.


    Tweet Criss Angel at his official twitter page @crissangel ..send him a shoutout and tell him I sent you! AND yes that really is Criss at THAT Twitter screenname!