SEARCH & DESTROY trailer released

March 5th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel, General, Products

Every town has their share of national-chain sandwich restaurants. They’re all basically the same and serve basically the same kinds of sandwiches. But every town also has an off-the-beaten path, locally-owned deli. The guy who owns it is the same guy that makes your favorite sandwich. And it’s the best grinder you’ve ever eaten.

Aaron Fisher’s Search and Destroy is that sandwich.

This incredible effect happens in spectator’s hands. The actual effect is easy to do. But as you watch this video, you’ll hear Fisher expand upon the effect’s principles and teach you some incredibly subtle and advanced moves, including the Nowhere Pass.

This is no ordinary DVD. Search & Destroy, featuring the Nowhere Pass, is packed with performance tips, subtleties and advice that Fisher has learned from more than a decade of performing card magic. When you learn from this and put in the practice, you’ll be able to size up your performance style based on what kind of spectator is watching. You’ll pick up a great control you can use for a myriad of effects. And once you learn Fisher’s bluff pass replacement subtlety, you’ll never fear the bluff pass again.

Ellusionist is proud to welcome Aaron Fisher and even more proud to offer “Search and Destroy,” coming on March 17. Fisher will be answering questions in this Q&A thread on the Ellusionist forums, so start asking.

More info is on the way. Stay tuned…


  1. Zachary Walley on:

    I had never heard of Aaron Fisher until about a year ago…. I decided to check him out and got some of his teachings in video. I was instantly hooked because of the depth that he uses in teaching you. You really feel like you are sitting there getting one on one teaching. I’ve been waiting to see what this was. I’m excited.

  2. the trailer isn’t working

  3. Joe Hadsall on:

    I’m able to get it to play… are you still having problems?

  4. I wasted nelary 9 min on a dumb/lamest trick ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here in the real world , if you whisper take the coin and than act like you made it disappear the person who took it will says I have it!