Sav teaches sleight of hand to Kings of Leon

March 3rd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Nashville rock band Kings of Leon love magic. Or UK magician Sav, anyway. Chartattack published this story about the band’s experience watching Sav do close-up magic at a London nightclub last year. Sav, on his blog, said the guys really dug his performance:

“Caleb [Followill, vocals/guitars] got really engrossed and at one point screamed, ‘Dude, you are going straight to hell for doing $#!& like that. It’s definitely not normal!'”

Eventually the band asked Sav to show them some tricks so they could — I am reading this right — impress girls on tour. Dudes can bust out “Sex on Fire,” but still needs a two-card monte to get some digits? Wow.

Editor’s note: Possible apologies, here. While the Chartattack report is dated for March 3, there is no link to the Daily Record referenced within the report. An Internet search failed to yield confirmation that the Daily Record report was published. So it might be old, or fake. This post was written while listening to Aha Shake Heartbreak.


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