Sarcar to open school of street magic

October 5th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Ugesh Sarcar, the street magician burning up TV in India, plans to open a school of magic, according to a report from The Hindu.

He talks a little more about it in this interview with Tellychakkar. He said he is simply following in his father’s footsteps. MC Sarcar, his father, is also a magician, and inspired him to carry out the concept. Also from the interview, he had this interesting thought about magic performance (as well as the state of magic in his country):

Believe me, I have taught a few tricks to some exceptionally good magicians, but they can’t perform them. That’s because I have invested 13 to 15 years in practice. The reason is as Indians we at times are very lethargic. We want everything cooked. A (sleight) that takes a fraction of second to perform actually needs ages of practice. Perseverance and patience is the key and it is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Ugesh Sarcar, and some of his street performances, can be seen on the Bindass network. Or watch him below, rockin’ a gaff deck all Justin Miller style:


  1. unfortunately when he performed shapeshifter it was either one of those times when things dont go well or the camera was just in the right angle but it kinda just shows how shapeshiftr works in this video….

  2. well to comment on 13 – 15 years of practise in sleights can be seen the way ugesh holding a mechanics grip, i felt his sleights are gaff itself (no pun intended). he himself needs to practise much more to come half as good as justin. also street magic is not new but he got a break in indian tv. gaff is an art when you see justin, wayne, gracia doing it, before opening a school of magic i would advise ugesh to be a graduate and change his look which is a cheap imitation of criss. infact if brad is willing to coach there are people from india who will be willing to come to US and learn.

  3. SevenofSeven on:

    This Sarcar does the one thing magicians should never do… makes his magic look hard. His whole performance looks amateurish. And the cherry on top was his horrible change at the end, wow, could it be any more obvious with the card not landing flush at the end. But hey, if you get away with it more power to you. I’m not gonna hate on him. Look, if he can get about 2% of India to watch a magic show that would equal the entire audience that tuned into David Blaine’s special. Does that put him in David’s league? Hell no, it just means that he has a built in huge audience. Now if I can only get my own following in China…hmmmm.

  4. ugesh is nothing of his own…. he is cheap imitation of various magicians around the world– combined.

    the worst part of his shows are that he is trying to prove himself a superman or a special gifted man.

    i believe he should keep his magic as simple as possible and he should behave like a normal human being.

    treat magic as magic ugesh.. dont try to fool people of india by showing yourself as superman. FOR YOUR KNOWLEDGE THERE ARE PEOPLE IN INDIA WHO KNOWS ABOUT MAGIC AND SLEIGH’S BUDDY.

  5. This is!….!seriously the most comical joke of all time. If 15 years of practise doesnt help him learn how to hold the cards during a performance then one can certainly construe that his heart hasnt been in it.
    I myself and some of my magic mates(fellow practioners) have seen his commercial and honestly none of us found anything worth appreciation. He is a dilettante at work and his appearance is not a shard different from criss angel’s. His methods are discernible in every performance and his presentation is dismal. Ugesh plz go through every single video of brad’s and listen to his ideas and suggestions.
    He doesnt have to open a school of magic cuz his show itself reveals all the secrets.
    My friends used to love the shapeshifter and now,(thanks to him), they know the secret.
    Here’s another funny part…..he struggles on a charlier!…lol.
    He has never been and will never be in david’s league or any1 else’s for that matter.
    Justin is an awe-inspiring performer who is a billion times better than Ugesh. love u justin. :)

    this post is NOT meant for humiliating any1 but unfortunately accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often……for that i repectfully apologize to the man in question.

    This comment was only meant to give Ugesh wats popularly known as a ” reality check”.

    P.S. :- work on ur language skills….and for god’s sake abandon using ” go ahead” , “freaky” in your performances

  6. Wow. Corners seem to have been cut here! For a TV show, you would film yourself doing the same trick a bunch of times and use the best take for TV. If this was the best take, then I don’t know what to say. I have seem things like this before. It looks like a magician that learned the trick last night and decided to do it the next day, except in this case on camera! The 13 or 15 years of magic must have been for stage, certainly not close-up. I don’t like to hate on magicians, but this was like a slap in the face. How can someone go on national TV in their country and either not put in the effort or decide to show an effect so poorly done (risking exposure).

  7. Ugesh does only luks like criss but also copies tricks of him and david blaine.u r a person who wanna hold their carrier for long period by showing same tricks hundred times.u should`nt have gone to dancing show ur magic did`nt worked there if u had gone to a copy cat show then u must had won there

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