Royal Mail strike messes with U.K. deliveries

October 24th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

Dear magic-loving Britons and U.K. Ellusionist customers:

We do not envy you right now, what with the Royal Mail on strike. First of all, it’s an incredibly detailed yet confusing schedule of strikes you have to deal with. No drivers one day, no carriers the next… yet none of those options help you pay your cell phone bill on time. It’s also a complicated, polarizing issue — mainly because the headlines and photos don’t seem to match.

We can only imagine how your lives are being affected. Seriously: We can joke about how it’s terrible that you might not get Arcanes at the same time as everyone else, but that’s shallow. You have bills to pay and checks to receive. This strike could cost you extra money and may even threaten your ability to care for you and yours.

With all the postal drama, we have some good news at Ellusionist: We offer shipping through UPS. We just checked a fake order of a brick of Shadow Masters to Buckingham Palace and found that our 1- to 3-day and 2- to 5-day options cost a little bit less than USPS Priority Mail. But the best part is that UPS delivers all the way to your doorstep: It does not rely on Royal Mail for any mail delivery. So, you can get your Arcanes on time, after all.

We have no opinions on what needs to be done regarding the strike. We only wish for a speedy, amicable resolution so that you don’t have to put up with this hassle anymore.



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