Ringtone Full Trailer by Adam Grace | Product LAUNCH Feb.10.09

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LAUNCH: Feb . 10 . 2009 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern


Ringtone by Adam Grace


What is Ringtone?

Rising star Adam Grace devises an ingenious method to make the ring tone on anyone’s cell phone suddenly change to any song your spectator is thinking of – without going into a phone’s menu system at all.

The spectator’s phone immediately resets to their default Ringtone when you are done “mentally intercepting” the signal.

Use anyone’s cell phone.

Use ANY song.

Nothing is downloaded on the phone.

Practical and immediately resettable.

One simple electronic gimmick DOES EVERYTHING FOR YOU.

Push ANY song onto ANY phone.

If you know simple sleight of hand and can click a button, you can do this.

  • No Bluetooth
  • No WiFi
  • No Stooges
  • No Laptop
  • No Downloads
  • Easy, Easy, EASY

Just one simple electronic gimmick let’s you push any song on any cell phone. Any person can call the phone. You see the phone LIGHT UP when the call comes in, but the old ring tone will NOT play. Only the new one. YOU HAVE CHANGED THEIR FREAKING RINGTONE ON THEIR OWN D*MN PHONE.

Want to learn more about this effect? Hear the creator, Adam Grace, talk more about it, his inspiration and how tough it will be for tech-geek spectators to figure out in this podcast interview.

Have a question? Ask Adam Grace yourself in the Ringtone Q&A forum thread.

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