Reviews come in for Serial Biller; rules for video contest announced

October 3rd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

The reviews are coming in for Rich Ferguson’s latest effect, Serial Biller, and they are looking good.

  • “I think Serial Biller should have been called Serial Killer because it is going to slay your audiences. This is a reputation maker.” — Steven Schneiderman
  • “Rich is a professional performer that has chosen to release material that is of the highest caliber … I don’t know how he was convinced to release a professional effect like Serial Biller, but we’re all going to benefit from his years of performing experience in the real (paid) world. Rich, THANK YOU!” — Christopher Kavanaugh
  • “Rich goes into to so much detail to turn this secret into a mind blowing magic effect that it’s almost too much detail … Everyone will learn something with DVD.” — Dave Wiltrout

Most of the reviews we’ve read praise how Serial Biller is more of a system than a one-trick wonder. The effect can be presented so many different ways and with other effects. And that got us thinking: We want to see your idea.

Last night, we posted the rules to the “Be Killer With Biller” video contest in our E-Life section. Up for grabs is a one-on-one videoconference session with Ferg himself.

If you haven’t snagged Serial Biller yet, don’t wait any longer. Download it, learn it, perform it and claim your prize.

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