Red Artifice : Anything is Possible. Limited to 100 Bottles

September 27th, 2011 | Jake Steele | Filed Under Products

Inspiration. We all need it. It’s what sets us off on journeys. What spurs us to create. What encourages us to dream. The Red Artifice Anything is Possible bottle is inspiration that any magician can draw from.

This artwork will stretch the limits of your imagination, as you ponder just how it is possible to get a fully sealed Red Artifice deck into an empty milk bottle. Produced in a limited edition of 100, each Anything is Possible Bottle is painstakingly constructed and hand-numbered by the artist.

We commissioned ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ spotlighted Magician and Craftsman, Jamie D. Grant to produce a limited run of 100 Red Artifice Decks in Anything is Possible bottles in an effort to capture the ephemeral beauty of the Red Artifice for an eternity.

We’re not sure how the decks end up in the aged glass, but we can assure you that the bottles are in no way altered by the process. It’s simply the Red Artifice Deck, captured for eternity.

“I have one of Jamie D. Grant’s “Anything is Possible” bottles here on my desk, and it continues to inspire me every day.” – David Blaine

Whether this be a magical piece of artwork that sits on your mantelpiece for all to admire or the ‘Break Glass in Case of Emergency’ deck of cards – or both, the Red Artifice Anything is Possible bottle will inspire you each day to challenge the limits of the possible.

It is inspiration, bottled.

Get your Red Artifice Anything is Possible bottle here. They will go fast.


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  2. Great mind reading trick Julian your the best magic tarhcees on youtube and in the world you are one of my favorites next to criss angle .. keep up the good work