‘Quicknotist’ to blend illusion, hypnosis in new show

September 3rd, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Imagine you’ve just done a trick that pushes the edge of reality, and a spectator is stunned. Gobsmacked. Astounded. Staring at your hands in disbelief. A New Zealand hypnotist said this is the perfect time to induct them into a hypnotic state.

Reg Blackwood, the “Quicknotist,” published his thoughts about a new stage show he’s developing, where no one will be able to see where the illusion starts or the hypnosis ends. The show will be a true “mash-up” of magic and mentalism, he said on the hypnosis-related blog WhatsOnMyBrain.com, and not a show with distinct phases for hypnotism and ledgermain. From the blog:

“Where an unhypnotized volunteer is sufficiently mystified/astounded/confused at the climax of a magic trick, I have them in the ideal state to lead right into a fast induction, so needless to say, I rarely waste that opportunity! That’s just one example of using a magic trick as the lead-in to an induction but I also have built a collection of effects which can be used as a reinduction cue.”

Blackwood said that such a state works well with psychokinetic-type effects. He said he was inspired by a video of another hypnotist using a Banachek pen, and is now scratching the surface of some amazing effects.

Which begs the question: Why the heck would he spill the beans this early? Don’t know, especially since he admits he might be plagiarized the world over. So we’ll fight that plagiarism, give him his due credit and encourage him to bring this stage show to the States.

Here’s a video of his street hypnosis from his YouTube channel:


  1. Hahaha The second kid still manages to wipe his nose while under hypnosis =P

  2. Isn’t great how the drongoes who know nothing about the art of hypnosis, and probably have difficulty tieing shoe laces, are the first to comment about it.

    The kid is hypnotised not dead.

    Brill video Reg.


  3. Quality presentation and great work Mr. Blackwood!

  4. Reg You Rock!!