Quick hits: Lawyer magicians, distracted kindergartners, deported Turk, Britney’s tour

March 3rd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

You know how we feel about bullet points. And Bullet. Here we go:

  • This blog doesn’t give enough love to Neil Patrick Harris, recent host of the World Magic Awards, board member at the Magic Castle and awesome as Dr. Horrible. Dodd at the Magic Newswire found a vid of him performing mentalism on the Ellen Degeneres show. Hey, here it is below.
  • The Law and Magic Blog is noticing a trend about lawyers also being magicians, or magicians also being lawyers. He ponders what the allure is, and also discusses lawyers who use magic in the courtroom. Hands down, this is one of the more interesting magic blogs on the net.
  • A fascinating and disturbing card-related story: According to Canadian research, kids who are hyperactive and impulsive as kindergartners are more likely to begin gambling behaviors before hitting middle school. The six-year study focused on a group of students labeled as hyperactive, then interviewed the students to find out how many went all in on a regular basis. The result: 25 percent of the hyper kids went on to become gamblers by grade six.
  • The United Kingdom Border Patrol made an example out of a Turkish magician trying to get to Blackpool (speaking of the huge magic convention, Webb did an incredible job covering it for iTricks). As reported in a “Don’t let this happen to you” press release, the magician was due to compete in the Stage Magic Championships, but because he didn’t have a UK visa, he wasn’t allowed to enter.
  • Celebuzz has posted the extended version of Britney Spears’ upcoming concert teaser. What do you know, it’s below. At the 1:50 mark you can see Ed Alonzo making Brit appear. And remember March 3, 2009 in magic history: The day Wayne Houchin put Britney Spears on his site for the first time. (Watch that daily update to find out why he’s building a set…)

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