Quick hits: Blaine may help Jackman, Burton may replace Angel, magicians win awards

November 28th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel, David Blaine

A few quick hits about some of the superstars of magic:

  • David Blaine may get called in to help Hugh Jackson portray his inspiration and role model: None other than Harry Houdini. FOX News reported that magician Ricky Jay is involved with Jackman’s latest role; he is allegedly already working up magic routines for the musical about his life. In addition to Blaine, Cirque du Soleil may be called in for advice. Which leads us to…
  • Criss Angel’s collaboration with the unique circus, “Believe,” was drawn and measured next to a classic of magic by Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Mike Weatherford. The columnist heralded Burton’s show as a great example of classic, traditional magic. But there’s a story behind the story, adroitly pointed out by iTricks. Spoiler: How does Lance Burton’s “Believe” sound?
  • Congratulations to the magicians who won awards at the 2008 World Magic Awards, which were televised on MyNetwork. Though we haven’t found an official list of winners, or a replay of the broadcast, the IBM reports that Jeff McBride won Best Classical Magician, Dan Sperry won Best Original Cabaret Act, Ed Alonzo won Best Comedy Illusionist, Greg Gleason won Best Stage Magician, Kirby VanBurch won Best Illusionist and Franz Harary won Best Escape Artist. The show was hosted by actor Neil Patrick Harris, who is also a Magic Castle board member (who knew?).
  • Mentalist Gerry McCambridge helped a man pop the question. According to Norm Clarke of the Review-Journal, McCambridge “read the mind” of a man who wanted to ask something. The man, who had set the proposal up beforehand, proposed to his fiancee. McCambridge then asked if anyone else — namely Angel and new squeeze Holly Madison — wanted to propose.


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