Premonition packs powerful magic inside your iPhone

December 6th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

You don’t need a deck of cards to perform an unforgettable card trick.

How many of your friends and family have iPhones? Oh yeah — a bunch of them. So when you tell them to check your messages, and they hear a message on your phone that reveals a chosen card that they THOUGHT of, they are going to go nuts.

Premonition is the definition of “in their hands magic.” This interface works exactly like the OS everyone knows how to use. In effect, they are not going to see you do any strange, pre-magic movements on the screen before you hand your iPhone over. All they are going to do is access your messages, then flip out.

The instructions are clear and the trick is easy to use. Once you do your setup, you are ready to perform this for everyone, forever.

This is powerful magic that is more attached to you than a deck of cards — you might not pack a pack every day, but you always have your iPhone with. Like your iPhone, you can be always on, ready go.

Premonition is now available from the App Store.


  1. Don’t work in ipod touch??

  2. Patrick Holman on:

    Unable to get voice recordings as said on iphone.

  3. Doesn’t work on my iphone4 ios5. Have complained but not heard back.