Post of the Week returns

August 24th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Now that this has been announced, it’s a good time to bring back the Ellusionist Forums Post of the Week.

Shawn Mullins, who goes by the username Pancakes10385, decided to put a lot of thought into a milestone post: No. 600. He asked what you are doing to break through an initial barrier of uncertainty when you approach a potential spectator. Though his original post is thought-provoking, the resulting discussion became even more valuable.

Read it for yourself, and give Shawn a pat on the back for earning Post of the Week.

A reminder: The EFPOTW (I’m gonna have to think of a better name with a better anagram) goes to the best, most thought-provoking post written on the Ellusionist forums over the past week. A new post of the week will be announced every Monday. Winners of the EFPOTW win the right to say they won the EFPOTW and the warm, fuzzy glow of being able to brag.


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