Forum user: ‘Underground’ doesn’t mean ‘extremely skilled’

October 26th, 2008 | | Filed Under General

Truth be told, I almost missed this week’s Forum Post of the Week. I was skimming this interesting thread about Daniel Madison, not really reading it. Then another user nudged me toward this post by user Medifro, saying it was well-written. Once I read it fully, there was no doubt.

The honor belongs to Medifro and his thoughts about what it means to be an “underground” magician:

“This is not to say that there are no cliques in magic. You can form one yourself. Just get together with a couple of friends and start snubbing other magicians. But that’s no way the same as an underground magic circle. Its easy to understand why most of today’s magicians can’t tell the difference because they weren’t there back when magic was really an underground.”

Medifro goes on to define an underground magic circle as a group that hoards certain moves, sleights and techniques, keeping it from public consumption for years. As he notes later in the thread, it’s not a knock against professional magicians who market themselves as “underground” (he, like many others in the thread, compliment Madison’s skills) but those who fall in love with the concept of being “underground” without fully understanding its meaning. That perception can lead us to exclude others or close our minds to certain areas of magic performance. Here’s a tip: Don’t do that.

Good work, Medifro!

5 magic tricks guaranteed to get her number

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Ace of hearts

Magicians laugh at the guys struggling tirelessly to get digits with crappy pickup lines, as we walk away with the phone numbers of girls they’ve been trying to get all night.

The truth is that magicians are much better suited to play the dating game than most guys. Magicians have advantages over regular guys because they are better listeners, charismatic and can react to a wide variety of situations. They also know how to engage attention and create mystery.

Here we will show you examples of sure-fire ways to get that hottie’s number using five of our favorite tricks tweaked specifically for the task… but be warned. These are not methods to trick or fool a girl into giving you her number. These just make the exchange something she’ll remember for a long time — and that’s a good thing. So use these sparingly, and only when she knows that digits are coming:

The first trick in the lineup is….

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Sponsor reveals unseen clips, info & gossip on Celebracadabra VH1 – learn magic tricks – show airs April 27

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VH1 has given a big green light to a new TV series, “Celebracadabra”.

Stay tuned to the HOME PAGE of this blog for videos and shocking footage that not even VH1 has. We filmed the celebrities on their own terms doing and saying things you won’t believe…. you FOUND the underground Celebracadabra page. Own it by simply bookmarking it NOW.

Comedians, pop stars, and film actors learn amazing magic from top pros, then perform and shock others in various venues. From street magic, to a children’s birthday parties, to a Vegas stage with showgirls – these celebs now know what “practice” means.

Below, Pussycat Doll Kim Wyatt on location for Celebracadabra wearing an Ellusionist Beanie:

Kim Wyatt Celebracadabra

Seven TV, music and film stars study, learn and practice hard so they can battle for the title of “Best Celebrity Magician” and a $100K grand prize when they gather at the famous Magic Castle (the world’s most famous club for magicians) and other venues in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and attempt to learn and perform magic tricks and illusions normally left to the professionals.

Celebracadabra celebrities are C. Thomas Howell, comedian ANT, Hal Sparks, Chris Reid (Kid from Kid n’ Play), Lisa Ann Walter, Carnie Wilson, Kim Wyatt from The Pussycat Dolls.

Ellusionist sponsors the Series and will provide downloadable magic tricks for people to learn, tie-ins with the VH1 web site, contests, and additional rare pictures, info and footage shot by Ellusionist while on the Celebracadabra set. STAY TUNED TO THIS BLOG, BOOKMARK IT NOW —– NO KIDDING.

Guided by veteran magicians, the competitors face tough crowds and a master panel of judges (including Max Maven, Jeff McBride and Jonathan Levit who also plays host) who determine which celebrities get to advance to the next round and a shot at a $100,000 grand prize provided by the Street Magic Training Center.

Executive producers are Michael Hirschorn, Shelly Tatro, Karla Hidalgo and Chris Martin.

Currently, the Series is slated to debut on Sunday April 20 and run 9 weeks. Sunday is VH1’s biggest night of the week… Celebracadabra will be hot, filled with drama, magic, comedy and pretty faces. Check it.

Hal Sparks & C. Thomas Howell on location with Ellusionist:

Hal Sparks & C. Thomas Howell Celebracada

Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast series

June 19th, 2009 | | Filed Under Artist Interviews, Products, The Next Level

Welcome to The Next Level. This is a new podcast series from your friends at Ellusionist.

The Next Level is a regular mini-lecture with some of your favorite names in magic. We’re going to talk about a bunch of different subjects, including palming, starting a business, writing patter and storylines and much more. Some of the subjects will be on the beginner side of the scale, some might require some basic knowledge of the Erdnase one-handed shift. Most will be in the intermediate range. You’ll get to know more Ellusionist artists, and even a few of the forum’s Moderators and Elites. And you’re going to hear much more from Brad Christian.

Best of all: You’ll get to have a say in future content. In the podcast forums, you can respond to the current episode, request future topics or ask questions for the next episode.

Actually, this is the best of all: It’s completely free. All it costs you is the time to click on a play button. Or download it to your MP3 player. Do whatever you want. We’re not the boss of you.

This week, in the first edition of The Next Level, Brad Christian talks to us about some of the finer points dealing with performing for complete strangers. You’ll hear where some of the best places to perform are, how to spot the best spectators and what to do when you blow a trick. Plus, you’ll hear about the first time Brad performed for strangers. It’s an epic story.

Future episodes will come out once every two or three weeks. Next time, Aaron Fisher will join us to talk about palming cards.

Bottom line: We’ve always been about helping you improve and grow as a magician. We want you to get the kinds of reactions you see in the trailers for our products. Whether you’re a hobbyist content to perform for friends and family, or someone with aspirations of breaking through to the big-time, these podcasts will help you reach the next level of your performance goals. Enjoy, and be sure to leave your feedback in the Podcast forums.

Download it here.

iTunes subscription link coming soon.

Brad Christian responds to quote in Page Six story

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Brad Christian, President and founder of, is featured in a newly-released podcast from Magic Newswire.

He speaks for 30 minutes about a recent misquote in a Page Six Magazine story, gives personal thoughts on David Blaine and the recent special, “David Blaine: Dive of Death”, and speaks about the beginnings of Ellusionist and magic on the Internet.

The podcast is featured here:

Earlier this week, Page Six published the report about David Blaine and his feelings about the flubbed ending. Reporter Rachel Syme talked to Blaine, some fans and members of the magic community and wrote a story that Jonathan Bayme, CEO of Theory 11, told iTricks “was not a fair assessment at all.”

Christian was quoted in the story as saying Blaine was considered “a bit of a joke” among certain groups of magicians. His quote was used to suggest the magic industry feels betrayed by Blaine and his attention to stunts instead of magic. However, he told Justin Robert Young, of iTricks, earlier this week that he was taken completely out of context.

Today, Christian spoke at length with Magic Newswire about the story behind the story of the story. He also talks about the history of Ellusionist and more about David Blaine’s career.