Picking magic for your presentation: Kranzo shares his secrets

October 31st, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews

If you’ve never seen Nathan Kranzo perform, you’re missing out. Whether it’s a quickie vid of The Card that Can’t Be Palmed or a full performance of his Mind-reading Crotch, every effect gives Kranzo’s personality a chance to shine. Dude’s funny.

In addition to being crazy creative with magic (lookin’ at you, Box Monster), Kranzilla has a great sense of how to fit his personality in with his magic. Whether it’s mentalism or a sleight of hand display, or using a close-to-self-working deck, he finds what works for him and builds on it. That’s a pretty big deal for mentalists — many of those performers find themselves stuck between the extremes of Derren Brown tricks of the mind and Uri Geller mastery of invisible forces, and don’t see any middle ground.

Kranzo has some lecture dates in November scheduled across the country, where he talks a little bit about that and much more. If you’re close by, the lecture is worth the drive. We caught up with Nathan during a recent lecture in Kansas City. After his lecture, he talked to Joe Hadsall about comedy with mentalism, his thoughts about finding tricks that play big and more. He even teased a little bit about his upcoming project, Boondock Mentalism, coming soon from Ellusionist.


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