Perform great, win big: iPad up for grabs in Facebook contest

April 21st, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

In case you haven’t been to our Facebook page lately, get there quick. We’re pushing 24,000 fans and growing quickly over there — quick enough that we decided to give our Facebook users a chance to win a unique prize.

Up for grabs: A loaded, pimped iPad (1st gen.) that features custom Ellusionist artwork and all of our produced videos, including classics such as the Crash Course and Ninja series.

The rules are simple. Blow us away and beat the competition, and the iPad will be yours. All you have to do is give us a great performance. We’re looking for something outdoors, something with a good crowd, great reactions and incredible magic. Other than that, the door is wide open for your idea of the perfect presentation.

To enter, “like” us on Facebook then click here for the rules and to submit your entry.


  1. Daniel Botes on:

    Wow am I going to try for this A fully loaded iPad with so many pre-loaded DVDs this could take my magic to a whole new level. (Could also help me with my financial crisis) haha Love Ellusionist!!! Best Illusions in the world.

  2. what do u have to do to win?

  3. Daniel Botes on:

    Just read the rules on facebook, in a nutshell perform your best to a group of people in no longer than a 5 minute video and your allowed to use any cards/props and do any routine you like (can be more than one) and finally just give a killer performance to it. Show the world your talent.

  4. I’m going to perform two tricks that I’ve made my own that always get good reactions.

  5. Daniel Botes on:

    Sweet hope you do well hey, mine is going to be a surprise with hopefully a massive ending reaction and my own secret “ingredient” to it 😀

  6. But i cant go out on the street do we have to camra it

  7. Daniel Botes on:

    Yes you do. how else will Ellusionist know how well you did?
    Does anyone know all the Pre-loaded dvds that will be on the iPAD?

  8. what will they be judging and how many people are in the contest

  9. Anonymous on:

    the video mut be in english language?

  10. Here’s a question:
    When you say “Blow Us Away”, do you mean you want to see material that you dont know the secret? or do you want just good performances, no matter what material?

  11. Daniel Botes on:

    Yes I think it would be best for the video to be in English unless you get something like subtitles on your vid. And Cody, It doesn’t matter what you do When they say Blow us away they mean do anything. They will be judging on your interaction with the adience. How good your trick is and well It doesn’t matter if ellusionist doesn’t know the secret or if they do read the rules on Facebook :):P

  12. i am from panama i can participate??

  13. Jsantana: yes you can. It is open to everyone in the world.