Percy Abbott: Magic Legends presented by Lee Asher

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Percy Abbott (1886 – 1960), was an Australian magician and magic dealer who founded Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company in Colon, Michigan. In his prime, Abbott’s business was the largest manufacturer and retailer of magic tricks and stage illusions in the world.

Early interests included theater and magic; Abbott took part in amateur theatrical productions as a boy, and soon thereafter, discovered magic; it was the latter pursuit, along with its allied art, ventriloquism, to which he would devote the balance of his life.

By the end of 1945, Percy Abbott managed a small empire in southern Michigan. His magic business was spread over the small town in some seven buildings, and employed 54 or more workers. Facilities to transform nearly any raw material into a magic trick were at hand, and Abbott branch stores were established in Detroit, Indianapolis, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Percy Abbott enlisted well-known magicians to manage these outlets, and often appeared at the stores himself. He also became a fixture at magic conventions in the USA, putting his abilities as an outstanding demonstrator of Abbott-made tricks to good use.

FACT: Percy Abbott was the co-founder of the Blackstone Magic Company in Colon, Michigan with Harry Blackstone Sr. from 1929 to 1931.

Watch a rare movie of Percy Abbott performing the Super X Levitation in front of the Abbotts Magic Shop (Michigan):

Learn more about Percy Abbott by visiting his official MagicPedia page.

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  1. This is great! We have devoted a website to Percy – – FAB Magic also published a book about Percy Abbott which came out last summer – Percy Abbott: Magical Years – it comes complete with performance dvd.

    Syd Abbott & Linda Abbott – son and daughter of Percy – will be here during magic week in the FAB Magic shop in Colon, Michigan.

  2. These are all great links, filled with fantastic information! Thank you.