Penn talks about the worst gig ever

June 14th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

We’ve really enjoyed watching Penn Jillette’s latest series of videos, “Penn’s Points,” but this one hit home with us. Everyone has had a bad gig out there (30 dollar birthday parties?). But how about playing children correctional facilities?

It’s inspirational to see where these two where once juggling knives, swallowing needles and eating fire. Thanks to iTricks for the find!


  1. What struck me most with that episode is something I struggle with some of my other “serious hobbies”…. Photography. I do a bit of work with it, but it’s not my day profession. The “if you have something to fall back on… you probably will” attitude really hit me.

    Love Penn! He rocks and hits the pointe right on the head most of the time for me. Still the celeb I’d most want to have dinner with.