Pamela Anderson Burned

March 31st, 2008 | David Mitchell | Filed Under General

Recent reports out of Berlin state that hollywood actress Pamela Anderson was injured while working with magician Hans Klok. It’s been rumoured that the two of them have been dating since 2007 while she was appearing in ‘The Beauty of Magic’ in Las Vegas during the same time.

 Pam stated that during one trick where there are ‘spikes that go through a box’, she had a close call that involved her getting burned and possibly throwing a rib out. (How that’s done I’ll never know).

We all knew that some of the big box illusions were dangerous if not performed properly, here’s the proof.

UPDATE: I want to thank everyone who’s writing in and letting me know that Pam & Hans aren’t dating, however, the key word that everyone seems to be missing is ‘rumoured’.


  1. Wonder how that happend… But seriously those 2 are not dating. I myself am Dutch (same nationality as Hans Klok) and he prefers the same sex. Which is widely known in Holland but to keep up apearances it wasn’t said in America.


  2. David Mitchell on:

    Key word… is rumoured. I don’t think Pam Anderson actually ‘dates’ anyone in the literal definition of the word anymore.


  3. She said on the ELLEN shown that she was single at the moment and she had been talking about getting burned on the same episode. So I don’t think she is dating him.

  4. Morphweasel on:

    Jup. Hans Klok will never date Pammla, or it would be just for the show. That guy is gay. Proven on dutch tv… Ah well…