Packing light is good, but do you have everything you really need?

January 11th, 2013 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

A while ago, we asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers how small a case they’d need to hold materials for a 30-minute set. An interesting trend came from the results. See if you can spot it:

  • ~ A pocket
  • ~ A playing card case
  • ~ A cards box.
  • ~ Nothing. There should be enough things in the crowd to use.
  • ~ Deck of cards.
  • ~ Four boxes of cards, which, by the way fit perfectly into the box that candy makers put chocolate oranges into.
  • ~ A wallet with coins Not exactly a very moving 30 minutes set though….
  • ~ Well I do walk around so, if you gave me paper and a pen, I could do mentalism to every one.

A lot of the answers were thinking small. The most popular answer was the box that held a deck of cards: That’s all some magicians need. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But think about this: Is it really everything you need?

Magicians have to be more than performers. They must be promoters. And they must be prepared for many situations. Kids, for instance: You really think the little darlings will be riveted by your gambling routine? And we know for sure that you can’t stuff a set of sponge balls in a deck box when cards are in it (we’ve tried).

We’ve seen a variety of rigs and cases. Daniel Martin has two large cases for his stage show; Nate Staniforth stashes everything he needs in a larger briefcase. Others have two or three different cases, depending on their gig.

The point is this: We’re all for efficient, manageable portability. But don’t be afraid to think a little bit bigger. For instance:

  • ~ Promotion: How are ya going to do it? Do you have room for a sign you can set up, or are you relying on business cards or a nametag?
  • ~ Think about everyday integration. We know lots of magicians who wear rubber bands like bracelets and who always keep a pocket of change handy. And, of course, most of us carry cards like the deck was another wallet. If you make carrying props a habit, it gets easier to pack and prepare.
  • ~ Cargo pants. They never went out of style, and magicians are some of the most likely people to take advantage of all that space. Provided that these are something your performance character would wear, we can’t recommend them enough.
  • ~ School or work luggage: Whether you are a high-school freshman toting the freshest Jansport, a hipster with a fair-trade messenger bag or a working professional with a luxury briefcase, there is likely room in there for a few of your props.


  1. The bag on the pix. I ‘m happy owner of one.

  2. tavan william on:

    Me too , i would like to buy this bag

  3. It depends on whether you do close up or stage. I prefer to have all my props on my body.

  4. where i can buy this bag ?