Our Biggest Release in 5 Years and what it’s got to do with Magic Live

August 14th, 2011 | Jake Steele | Filed Under General

That, is Eric Jones – demonstrating a little something we’ve codenamed ‘That thing’. ‘That thing’ happens to be our biggest, exclusive release in 5 years. It’s been developed¬† in house by our very own Jason Brumbalow, and it’s been kept under wraps for the last year. It enables you to do things that no other ‘that thing’ has done before – and it arrives in store in just over a month’s time. For Magic Live attendees though – it arrives for you, Today. To quote Apple – this changes everything… Again.

This year’s Magic Live marks the 20th year of Magic Magazine, and the 5th year of the convention itself, and having been to previous years – there was no way we were going to miss an anniversary year. We’re set up in the dealers room at the Orleans Hotel, drawing straws to see who’s going to be manning the booth. Who’s going into watch the shows. Who’s going to watch the lectures. Who’s going to stack a plate full of lobster-sized shrimp at the famous Las Vegas Never-Ending-Buffet Tables and bring it back for everyone else. Yeah, the important questions.

This year we’ve got some new Swag to giveaway to a few lucky Magic Live attendees who pop their head in and say a friendly ‘Hi’ to us at the booth. Us being Jason Brumbalow, Eric Jones and Peter McKinnon. Oh – and some guy called ”Brad Christian.” You might have seem him on a DVD… or ten. Swing by and get your name in the draw – we’ve got some Gold Arcanes, Red Artifices and a few extremely rare Gold Artifact coins to giveaway. We’ve also got some new, 100% Biodegradable, nicely printed bags so you can cart away your goodies – either those you win, or those you buy at our table. The guy who makes them said they’re made out of Potato Starch… They got us hooked – but we think they could do with a little salt.

So if you’re in the area, come on by and check out ‘That thing’. Check out Eric’s bottomless palms. Ask to see Jason’s surf rash. Rub Peter’s amazing technicolor beard (we hear it’s the genius behind the camera work) – or ask Brad how he’s managed to get by so long without an iron at home. Magic Live runs from August 14 to 17, at the Orleans hotel, Las Vegas.


  1. so what Eric is doing is a vanish, i think??
    or is it just a applience to make smoke, because that’s why we have smoke by Allen Rorrisson.

  2. well alan rorrisson is limited to your mouth, with this you can use your hands. Ill definitely be buying this ^^.

  3. I would love to go to Magic live, but me and planes are exactly the best of friends. :(

  4. so its obviously smoke coming from his ring yeah?

  5. I take it ‘that thing’ is the Pure Smoke? Well done on best new trick guys!

  6. wats it gonna be named?????????? im definitely gettin it!

  7. @ alex
    I wouldn’t say that so soon.
    Eric has that ring on all the time, he has it on during Metal.

  8. fully concealed that would be awesome

  9. flyingrabbit on:

    so, combine that with a color change…? will it mess up cards?

  10. Purchased Pure Smoke at Magic Live and am totally blown away.The possibilities are endless.My biggest critic,my son said “dad, when you master that its gonna be crazy”.Thanx again guys for outdoin yourselfs again.Top quality products from top quality guys.Seems like a rarity nowadays.Keep up the amazing work!!!

  11. what is the song name in this video ,i very needed!!!
    thank you so much

  12. @Qs_Pung

    Song ?

  13. As already mentioned the fact that alan R’s smoke (which I love BTW) is limited to the mouth, this one will be an excellent addition. I will be getting this when us common folk are able to purchase :)

  14. i have posted this once but it vanished i wonder why!!!
    Illusioncraft have had this product for sale for the last three years at blackpool and sold out each year, I totally love it and it is lot smaller than pure smoke, and easier to set up. the refills are a lot cheaper with illusioncraft.

  15. I bought one from illusioncraft, they had sold out within the first few hours of the convention, so i had to wait a few weeks before i got mine, OMG it is best ever, and i agree i watched the set up video from ellusionist, and illusioncraft’s is a lot better.
    The illusioncraft video trailer does not do there product any favours, as it produces way more smoke in the flesh than on the video. illusioncraft get 10 out 10 for there product.

  16. Well said Ted