One sale ends, another begins

December 18th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Did you miss out on the four-pack sale, which ended a couple of hours ago? Don’t worry: Freshly posted is a three-pack sale featuring a blue 1800 Vintage, Tally-Ho Viper Circle Back and the ultimate dark deck, Shadow Masters.

The 1800s deck is ripped from history: Each card features the weathering of 100 years, yet offers the feel, snap and action of a new deck of cards. You saw Mike Super use a red deck to do a trick for Raven Symone on NBC’s Phenomenon (video below). The Viper is Ellusionist’s black and silver classic that features incredible durability with a touch of silver elegance. And the Shadow Masters deck is the latest in the Masters series: Incredible performance and almost sadistic style. The Joker, and its matching reveal, alone are worth the price of the deck.

You can have all three decks for less than $10 plus shipping. And fast shipping from UPS may still be available, so you can have the decks by Christmas.

The fine print: The same limits as the last sale apply: No swapping colors, limit of three three-deck bundles (total of nine decks). This offer expires at midnight Pacific time on Friday. DO NOT MISS OUT… again.


  1. Ellusionist is the best Magic shop in the World in my Opinion!