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September 24th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine
Photo illustration courtesy News Biscuit

Photo illustration courtesy News Biscuit

Not everyone is taking David Blaine seriously. In one of the better fake news stories about Blaine, News Biscuit has the scoop on David Blaine’s latest stunt: Spending 45 years of his life in an office job. From the “story:”

‘I will go to new parts of my mind,’ he said, ‘I will wake up at six thirty every morning and travel to an office. The building will be sealed and air will be re-circulated using machines. I will be allowed to eat, but often it will be over-priced sandwiches at my desk. After work, I will go home and repeat the exercise the next day.’

Brad Blanks conducted an interview with Blaine on Monday. As you can see below, Blanks asks the important, relevant questions.

Less than four hours until “Dive of Death” starts… check back here throughout the show for more information.

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