OK, maybe some places aren’t very good for Pure Smoke

November 4th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

A magic trick is never really finished. We keep learning from our props and effects long after they have been released to the public. On the way back from a recent convention, Ellusionist Vice President Jason Brumbalow learned something about Pure Smoke, Ellusionist’s new smoke system — namely, when NOT to use it.

Jason told the story in this quick podcast. It’s pretty funny. Consider this a public service announcement from your friends at Ellusionist.



  1. Gard Skarsten on:

    haha that could have gone sooooo bad!

  2. I wish I was there to see the look on the guy’s face.

  3. I can only imagine how I would have handled that situation.

  4. E needs to come up with a neuralyser

  5. Gordon Aspinall on:

    Thanks for sharing that story :) Triggering pure smoke unintendet can certainly be embarissing, but smoke going of in an airplane could have definitely gone for the worse 😀 Glad the guy was understanding :)

  6. If I were that guy I would have told the authorities so your ass would end up in jail. Well at least then you’ll be able to practice your escape act.

  7. What a complete idiot. Should have been arrested and in jail.


  9. This brings up an interesting point, when your carry on was checked, did security have any issues with the device?

    I’m going to be travelling soon, and was going to be safe and pack it in my checked baggage, but I also normally prefer to carry my magic with me so that I know it arrives safely.

  10. My question is with all the extra tight security from 9-11, how the hell you get any of them on the plane? Security gave me a hard way to go with my Hot Rod. I wouldn’t even think to bring my pure smoke device on the plane. I did get a kick out of the story LOL.