OH NO!!! She’s gonna throw up ON STAGE!!!

October 8th, 2010 | Jeremy Bennett | Filed Under General

As a full time author and performer, here is a little story about being aware of the types of effects you share with your spectators and moreover, a volunteer…

OH NO!!!  Shes gonna throw up ON STAGE!!!

So, I am performing one of my ‘Magic Meets Funny!’ shows with comedian Trent McClellan. Trent picks out a female volunteer to join me on stage to perform the “arm twist” illusion. Everything is going great until my arm twists about 360 degrees and in the corner of my eye I see the girl cover her mouth and start to get very woozy. AND to make matters worse the comedian (who is on the stage with me “trying” to replicate what I am doing in a comedic manner) says, “someone get her a bucket.”.

When I noticed that she was getting woozy I sped up the trick so she could get off the stage while she could still walk without fainting. To make a long story short I sped up the illusion and she made it back to her seat fine. Thank God!

Moral of the story: Be very selective as to who you’re using for volunteers as “they” will become the center of attention. When volunteers are on stage with all eyes glued on them they may become anxious and display tendencies that are unlike them in casual situations. This is just part of the game.

We all act unnatural when we are put on the spot.

BUT more importantly consider what illusion you are doing on particular volunteers as there are many “graphic” illusions out there that can put your volunteers in a very awkward situation.

These “graphic” illusions are great and definitely DO get some awesome reactions but there are certain places where they are just not appropriate.

Would love to hear some stories from you guys about reactions you received when performing some of these illusions! Let’s hear it…..

OH NO!!!  Shes gonna throw up ON STAGE!!!

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  1. MagicPassion on:

    OH NO!!! She’s gonna throw up ON STAGE!!!: As a full time author and performer, here is a little story about bein… http://bit.ly/cmZiY7

  2. http://bit.ly/dgqZ1W Jeremy Bennett talks about spectator selection and what it's like to make someone almost hurl on stage!

  3. “Through and through” by Dan Hauss always gets a good response. The great thing about the trick is that people who are afraid of needles calmly look away before the trick starts…

  4. Jeremy Bennett on:

    Yea, magicians should give their audience the heads up that something “graphic” is about to take place.

    This heads up can be a verbal annoucement or a very deliberate “action” (moving the needle slowly towards the arm, etc.).

    Always remember that the audience is the most important element of the magic!! :)

  5. I don’t deny that I would like to watch – and possibly be involved in – some graphic magic. But I do think the point’s valid that people shoul dbe made aware, I’ve been out with girls that get squeamish at the word, let alone the thought and sight of it. But still, their loss!

    Adam – Webmaster
    Assistance for single mothers

  6. I agree, but at the same time those ‘awkward’ reactions turn out perfect. I had someone throw up because of Thread(Wayne Houchin) not too long ago, I wish it was on film. I saw they were getting woozy so I slowed down the trick even more and played up the pain factor, and it was great. The crowd loved it and the person who vomited still enjoyed the performance. They can look away, or keep watching it is their choice. A Reaction is a reaction. Maybe I’m a little extreme but I love those kind of reactions. And I’ve never had a complaint from any spectators.

    Though I did mention in passing before I did it that it might be a bit graphic for some viewers. lol, but I didn’t stress it.

    Dai Masters – Houston’s Strolling Magician

  7. RT @Ellusionist: http://bit.ly/dgqZ1W Jeremy Bennett talks about spectator selection and what it's like to make someone almost hurl on s …