Next magician to be featured on ‘Ellen': Rich Ferguson

March 29th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

If you’ve ever been to Rich Ferguson’s website or Facebook page, you’ve probably seen the loads of pics featuring him and famous people, from has-beens to A-listers and everyone in between. We’re predicting that Ferg will be adding a few pics featuring another A-lister over the next few days. Namely, Ellen DeGeneres.

The creator of This is Mentalism and Tagged is booked to perform on Ellen this Thursday, in between segments featuring Helen Hunt and James Marsden. We’ve heard some buzz over what he’ll be performing, and if they stick with that plan, this will be some can’t-miss TV.

If “America’s Got Talent” is Chet from “Weird Science” to magic, then “Ellen” is definitely Lisa. Landing a spot performing magic on her show is a major score.


  1. Rich Ferguson on:

    …sitting in the airport to go home… I’ll just say that this was a really fun couple days! Her entire staff is top notch! I can describe Ellen in on word, Love. I’ll explain on the interview coming up. Peace out.

  2. Rich Ferguson on:

    NICE! Back home. Looking forward to the E interview soon. After the unfair bashing I’ve seen before, be aware that they strip down your tricks to fit a certain timeline.. and we are talking about within seconds. In fact, they suggested I remove ALL my patter from the time travel effect (ACR). I said no as it would NOT save time. (But I DID have to remove several “phases” to that routine cuz it would have lasted 10 minutes by iteself!) They are an amazing, top notch group of people. Ellen and her entire company kick ass. By the way, I already know the three spots I f’ed up and covered. I don’t nee to hear it;) “could have, should have’s” can stay at the door. OF COURSE other options for moves and tricks are considered… but you get what you get! I’m positive you are going to love it! I even snuck one trick from my new DVD in there! I stayed very calm under pressure and with a very rare (pissed me off!) missed cut, etc. You’ll hear more about it during the interview. Woohoo.. catch you soon.

  3. Rich, you rushed the hell out of that performance leaving you with very little confused reactions. You should have done 3 simple tricks that were short and sweet.
    If they told you to cut some parts out(something you should have been prepared to do knowing it was 10 minutes long), you should have done a totally different routine.

  4. Rich Ferguson on:

    Danny, you are making a lot of assumptions. I highly disagree with the rushing… that was slow for me. Things changed up to the minute I was on. People have NO clue what goes on in a show at that level… I had to roll with the punches a bit. I fit what I did exactly to the times that were given. I DID adjust accordingly to do the three types of effects THEY wanted. It’s much more to it than meets the eye… it’s not a party where you can walk up and just do what you want when you want. I believe it showcased my personal style and personality just fine. I was calm, collected and fun. Some magicians watching expect a little too much and tear things apart I think. There’s a much bigger picture to focus on.

  5. Justin Kowal on:

    I have to say I specifically came here today after watching you on Ellen yesterday… all I can say is really? You have a TV appearence on one of the biggest day time talk shows and you do Cardtooned? And the worse card to wallet routine Ive seen.

    It took you so long for you to get to the end of the card to wallet (basically what it was) That the ending fell flat. Not only that but the whole audience saw you palm the card as was the biggest flash I ever seen.

    Im a huge fan of yousr but I have say not just from you but that had to be one of the most boring and worst performances Ive seen on T.V.

    You really could of WOW’ed Ellen and America (which you could tell she was thinking Eh wasnt that great,by her polite but very fake reactions.)

    I dont think as magicians we expect to much but I know if it was me that had that opportunity..I would have made some very different choices…..

    You say there’s a much bigger picture to focus on? What that you were on Ellen and got massive exposure? What good did it do when it was the worst magician performace on her show till date. It did you more harm then good in my eyes.

    From a huge fan thats almost sad at what I seen yesterday…..

  6. Rich Ferguson on:

    Ya, that was posted on my facebook accounts as well… Justin Mantelli there, Kowal here.

    Yes, Cardtoon was made custom for ELLEN not YOU. Get over it.

    Yes, a REALLY CRAP palm was caught and was NOT supposed to be on camera. During the rehearsal, I had to remove a segment of the routine. The phase where she looked at her card was clearly explained that I’d be off camera. That sucked. You think you need to tell me? Folks don’t have a clue of the pace and pressure of a show like that and have made some pretty big assumptions about a few things.

    Yes bigger picture.. and you missed it even after me saying it. I made me effects about THEM not ME. That’s one part of the “bigger picture”. The other part of the “bigger picture” is the magnitude of the show and what they want from you. YOU do not come on a show like that and do what you want. If it was my choice, I would have done nothing but mentalism.

    Most boring ever… Well, to each his own. I’m totally at peace with that one.

    You can get all huffy and piss of my personal friends on facebook by stopping by and complaining, it wont change a thing. You made a lot of bad assumptions of how it all works, came together and went down. Just some food for though. You have no clue what my intentions are. You have not talked to me about anything so you have no right to accuse me of anything, chastise me on my account or tell me I’ve made bad “choices”. Sorry man. Pretty weak shit from a “fellow magician” and person in general.

  7. Actually, I don’t agree with Justin Kowal.
    The palm was definitely bad, but I’m not sure it’d really shock laymens … When you do a palm like that, you definitely need to get the heat off the deck, but there the camera was spot on …
    You can see that there are some cuts, but that’s not Rich’s choice…

    Rich could have done other choices, but with such a short time, mentalism is defintiely not the way to go!
    I still liked the overall performance tbh! And I believe Ellen did as well.

  8. magic is so trickie right
    some people think it is so real