Next Level: E VP Jason Brumbalow talks about performing for kids in hospitals, upcoming works

July 12th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, The Next Level

Usually, these podcasts are focused on you. Your goals, dreams, ambitions and skills in magic. This time, we’re encouraging you to look outside yourself and into your community.

Jason Brumbalow, vice president of Ellusionist, has a side gig: Every Friday he goes to a nearby hospital and performs close-up magic for kids of all ages. JBone said that he’s “selfish,” because he gets a lot out of these performances. But so do the kids — for a moment they are taken far away from their hurt, illness or situation, and that can make all the difference in their recoveries.

Jason talked about what it takes to perform at hospitals: What kind of magic to bring, what kind of training you need and how to go about getting one of these gigs. This topic is close to all of our hearts at Ellusionist — from the beginning we have been about moving people with magic, and this is a group of people who appreciate every minute of it.


And looky here: A little bonus podcast giving a preview for what Ellusionist is releasing throughout the rest of the year:



  1. MagicPassion on:

    Next Level: E VP Jason Brumbalow talks about performing for kids in hospitals, upcoming works: Usually, these podc…

  2. The download link for the main entry is incorrect ( Audio/107 => Audio/n107 ).

  3. This is wonderful. I was just thinking about taking my magic to the local hospital. This is just what I needed to hear!

  4. Joe Hadsall on:

    Robert: Link fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Ellusionist on:

    @gardnerms All the info we know are the ones Jason spilled out on the blog :-)

  6. Jeremy Nelson on:

    Great Job Jason you nailed it! I also perform magic for the children’s hospital at the Mayo Clinic. For those of you thinking about trying it I guarantee it will be the most gratifying magic you’ll ever perform. I was hooked my first day when the nurse said “He’s been here three weeks and that’s the first time he’s ever smiled”. My next response was when can I come back. Again great job!

  7. Jason Brumbalow on:

    Thanks Jeremy, keep it up man. This is what makes the world turn brother.

  8. Magic-Al Garber on:

    Hi Jason,I hear ya loud and clear! I’ve been visiting North Shore Hospital on Long Island,N.Y. every week for over 25 years.It is SOOOOO rewarding! I can’t tell you how good I FEEL when I can make the kids laugh like crazy and blow their minds!!! It sounds selfish because it’s about the kids but I truly enjoy making a difference.

  9. Hey, well, im a Med Student Here in Chile and i do visit childrens, and well, truth be told, all kind of patients, and i kind tell as well that magic really brings people recovery´s rates up, its great and i believe that by all means, if people are available and have the capacity of doing this, they should.

  10. I loved listening to Jason’s comments. I’ve been volunteering at a local children’s hospital for about a year and it’s the most satisfying thing that I do.
    Just a small contribution…
    If I enter a room with a girl patient, the napkin rose (plus the extra d’light effect) is a great opener.
    Dan Harlen’s “Starkle” is a very popular trick for smaller kids who are too young for card tricks, etc. (you can ditch the extra piece in a pocket by turning toward the child so he/she can blow on the other hand).
    Both of these involve “give aways” with nothing remaining that needs to be sterilized before going to the next room.

  11. Can anyone help? on:

    Hi guys, Can you give me some reccomendations what tricks to do?