NEXT LEVEL: Asher talks about magic books

January 22nd, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under The Next Level

It’s been a while — too long — since we posted a Next Level podcast, so we made sure to find a good one this time around.

Lee Asher has been blowing minds all over the world. He recently returned from an incredible lecture tour in Japan, and has created some of the most dizzying, deceptive sleight of hand today. We’ll put it this way: Virtually every magician I have interviewed mentions his Diving Board Double as one of their favorite double lifts.

His skill comes from his research background. Asher has read a tremendous amount of magic literature, learned from it and written many of his own works. He talked to us about that very topic in this edition of The Next Level — he discusses what kind of books he likes to read, how he breaks down a book and why there is no such thing as a bad magic book.


Keep an eye on this space over the weekend: I have some outtakes about Asher’s book collection and plans for 2010 that are too good to leave on the cutting room floor.


  1. NEXT LEVEL: Asher talks about magic books: It’s been a while — too long — since we posted a Next Level podcast, so…

  2. New Next Level podcast: It's been a while, so we made it worth your while: It features Lee Asher.

  3. I love these Next Level pod casts, I have the others and am glad to see a new one being posted, and with a great topic and magician as well!

  4. in my very beginning of magic ( not that i am now advanced or something but just better)libery hasn’t helped me.
    they had 3 childerens magic books and only one fr**king magicbook, one!!!
    I love reading though, and I did research, on youtube ( i think many people won’t be glad to hear that),e-books from internet, and all the magicbooks form other libaries I could get my hands on.
    and of course later in life :) by ellusionist