Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast series

June 19th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews, Products, The Next Level

Welcome to The Next Level. This is a new podcast series from your friends at Ellusionist.

The Next Level is a regular mini-lecture with some of your favorite names in magic. We’re going to talk about a bunch of different subjects, including palming, starting a business, writing patter and storylines and much more. Some of the subjects will be on the beginner side of the scale, some might require some basic knowledge of the Erdnase one-handed shift. Most will be in the intermediate range. You’ll get to know more Ellusionist artists, and even a few of the forum’s Moderators and Elites. And you’re going to hear much more from Brad Christian.

Best of all: You’ll get to have a say in future content. In the podcast forums, you can respond to the current episode, request future topics or ask questions for the next episode.

Actually, this is the best of all: It’s completely free. All it costs you is the time to click on a play button. Or download it to your MP3 player. Do whatever you want. We’re not the boss of you.

This week, in the first edition of The Next Level, Brad Christian talks to us about some of the finer points dealing with performing for complete strangers. You’ll hear where some of the best places to perform are, how to spot the best spectators and what to do when you blow a trick. Plus, you’ll hear about the first time Brad performed for strangers. It’s an epic story.

Future episodes will come out once every two or three weeks. Next time, Aaron Fisher will join us to talk about palming cards.

Bottom line: We’ve always been about helping you improve and grow as a magician. We want you to get the kinds of reactions you see in the trailers for our products. Whether you’re a hobbyist content to perform for friends and family, or someone with aspirations of breaking through to the big-time, these podcasts will help you reach the next level of your performance goals. Enjoy, and be sure to leave your feedback in the Podcast forums.

Download it here.

iTunes subscription link coming soon.


  1. Awesome. Leave it to Brad to take it to the Next Level. You tend to forget how formative he is in the learning of so many magicians until you see or hear him again. Wow.

  2. Brandon Sheffield on:

    I agree, this is great! And the good thing is it can only get better!

  3. *applause*

    Great job guys, I loved it! My interest has really been drifting away from Ellusionist over the past year or so to be honest, but I really liked this…it recaptured my interest.
    Great content, team. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

  4. This really allowed me to muster up some courage to perform in front of strangers. I have always wanted to show off my magic to others for fun but I’ve always been nervous and shy. This talk gave me the ability to make myself say, ‘Yes, I can do that’. Thanks guys

  5. Ellusionist on:

    New blog post: Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast series http://bit.ly/17eTCZ

  6. rOSEMARIE c. PACIA on:


  7. rOSEMARIE c. PACIA on:


  8. Awesome thanks so much for going back to the roots of things… very refreshing!

  9. performing to your family is a very big step to do the great magic in your mind… that’s how I started… this is so awesome!… can’t wait to more, soon…

  10. sorry that was ‘can’t wait to see more, soon…’
    just a little excited, haha, see yah..

  11. Great idea! Have been performing in SE Asia streets for the last couple of months while travelling. What Brad has to say about selecting/getting an audience and working with it is so true! Thanks, btw, for the little “workaround” in case of a mistake, such as lost card… very useful from time to time ;-)!

  12. Awesome! I have been away from magic for some time and this has rekindled my enthusiasm for performing! Can’t wait for the iTunes link.

  13. wow thats was so touching..

  14. Daryl Thong on:

    Magic for me has made me think different, made me more confident on what i do and how i do it. it could influence your daily job if magic is not the only thing you do.

    I have been a member for over 9 years and everyday is a learning experience. making something so simple take a great effect with performance and just being silent. less said hits harder then you know.

    It brings you to another level of mystery to the spectator. People remember you for a long time….The simplest form of Magic is the greatest you could experience. I know i have changed many lives one of them mine.

    Brad, this is going to be a great guideline for all Magicians. I will surely be a part of this wonderful experience.

    God Bless and Good Luck.


  15. luke HHH wwe on:

    that was so good now i can do tricks in front of people and the DVD r the best thanks

  16. that the best eva

  17. luke HHH wwe on:

    ellusionist is so good me and my freinds are from liverpool
    and we are all members we love it

  18. This is the best ever

  19. That was very informative and helped alot. I have been doing magic for four years. ive performed for family and friends but never really had the confidence to approach strangers on the street, its nice to hear even the best like brad had issues at the start. its given me a new look on how to approach people and enjoy my magic even more thankyou very much. keep them comming.

  20. thnx 4 all the help… long live ellusionist

  21. david cooper on:

    Wow what a story and some great info.

  22. Very interesting, but I have another type of problem. How do you respond when you find yourself in a group of people and someone announces to the crowd that you are a magician and challenges you to perform some type of miracle. You are totally unprepared. No apparatus, etc. This is an embarrassing situation. Need help from an expert. Thanks.

  23. Daniel Keller on:

    Nice initiative! 😀 Looking forward to the next episode! This one was awesome!! 😀

  24. Great!! I feel that this is good for people to get into performing magic. Search and Destroy is a horrible effect – hopefully this kind of magic isn’t something that comes out on the market in the future. I hope that we get more videos from Brad – he’s a great teacher and he always has the best material.

  25. I love your card tricks brad christian…send more!!!!!

  26. Michael Scott on:

    Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast … http://bit.ly/9EhRx

  27. Podcasts for Mobiles on:

    Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast … http://bit.ly/9EhRx: Welcome to The Next Level.. http://tinyurl.com/nb3l8o

  28. James Schneider on:

    This was some great stuff. It really helped me and answered some question I had, but had no one to ask. Great Job Brad.

  29. This is amazing. You just sparked my interest in magic again. I missed Brad’s voice, it was the first one that got me in, and it did again. Good Job Brad!

  30. Hi Joe and Brad,

    @Brad: I’ve been following your DVDs (Crash Courses and Street Magic) and this is the perfect timing.

    Even though you didn’t mentioned it litterly I liked the following:

    When on the street, you don’t have to stay in your direct home area, if you fail, admit it, no problem. However, important is to say that you lost the card, not that the “trick” didn’t work.

    Because if it’s a “trick” everybody can do it, and it’s not magicial.

    The words you use really add up to the presentation.
    “Showing a trick or doing magic” is a different impresssion then a person “You wanna see my trick ?”

    Same for failure, “The trick didn’t work :( ” or “My magic lost your card, lemme do it for you (other person) instead =) ” really makes a difference.

    I’ve been at parties for 6 months and at friends and family but never tried at the street, perfect timing !

    Thanks so far,and will be subscribing to iTunes


  31. Loved the podcast. Great idea. In this economy I’m sure young magicians will appreciate the fact that they will be getting advice from seasoned pros and it’s FREE. Enjoyed Brad’s comments and advice.

    Keep up the good work guys

  32. This is great! I really appreciate hearing about Brad’s beginnings. That was very interesting. My only complaint is that you had Brad very loud and it was a little difficult hearing you ask the questions. Please keep the sound more even. Otherwise this is a great idea and thanks for giving some great info for a great price, FREE!

  33. Excellent! Thank you for this sweet service.

    I’m already looking forward to hearing the next podcast!

    Greetings from Germany, Sterni.

  34. Z. Strength on:

    This is great. The hardest part of doing magic, isnt the actual magic. But once you get into it and see peoples reactions to your best stuff, its addicting. Im 16, just started buying tricks like 6 months ago. Before that, youtube baby! haha. but this helps alot. You get better reactions from people who want to see what you can do.

  35. Very comforting in knowing the ups and downs of Brad’s stories it’s true, the nervesness is always there but you learn how to control it. Oh and I am that guy that can learn things quickly so yes be jealous Joe!!!!!!!!

  36. MarkEfferent on:

    actually helped

  37. Great idea. Hope it works out well. Can’t wait to hear more from Brad!

  38. Nice Guy,s you are to Adventurous!

    I am really liking magic now because of all of you Guys,

    Gud luck!

  39. AbracadabrA on:

    Sound advice, excellent point on, all performers feels nervious, and to just use and ride that energy!!!

    Hocus Pocus… Guy’s…

  40. This is a fantastic idea and something that will be so beneficial to everyone at all levels. Great job guys!

  41. Ellusionist Your people are really great. Your people are creator the Magician through simple and superb Magic………
    Keep it up Brad Christy.
    loving magic Gopal From India.

  42. Blake Johnson on:

    Wow! This is the same situation I found myself in!
    Had no money, was hungry, alone, and all i had was a handful of silver coins…
    I did a couple of coin tricks, and made in an hour….just over $50!

    Brad, honestly dude! You are awsome!

  43. This is really inspirational… I hope I can meet you in person. Good job Brad!

    Makozzi from Manila, PH

  44. How can I watch the video??I cant watch it.I’d just hear there voices(including Brad)Help me!!


  45. how can i watch the video?? please help me

  46. I want some NEW MAGIC I am excited!

  47. how do you watch the video

  48. Joe Hadsall on:

    There’s no video to watch. It’s an audio podcast.

  49. Why i dont see a video ????

  50. Joe…Brad…that was awesome.

  51. Go To THE Next LEVEL!!!

  52. That was an incredible podcast. There was so much useful information packed into the 25 minutes that it seemed more like 5. I loved your advice and hope to put it to good use.

  53. i love the magic

  54. hay guys Im 13 and I watched your video. And told my dad I wanted to go to the beach to do some street magic. I took your advice and it took me about 35 minites but I did it. so thanks alot!

  55. 6,000,000,000,000 on:

    im realy exsited about this,iv been looking for the real deal and now i found it.(im 11,in 7th grade).

  56. 6,000,000,000,000 on:

    ha brad i asked my mother for the kinglevitation dvd and howtodo streetmajic for my berthday and she said no because you get it from online,so,what storse is it in?

  57. Some nice points but as a New Yorker I take exception to your negative comments about New Yorkers

  58. Very informative… thanks to Brad for sharing your experience.

  59. Great one!!!
    could you please give us itunes link now please.

  60. I like the lost card comeback, im a haf ta use that one,

  61. Chicken1377 on:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Cloudkill94 on:

    Man, you rock Brad!

  63. Edmundo Urrutia on:

    Hi Brad and ellusionist Team
    I want you to know that I take magic seriously
    I’am from Mexico, City of Juarez
    I have been working with magic professionally (I mean that I get paid for doing magic) for about 5 years now. I already win a second place in Mexico city on close up magic with my Team!! (in el toque magico de dino)
    Thanks for having me here at ellusionist
    and one more thing:
    I was looking for some tricks with faro shuffle
    especially the table faro
    do you hava any of that??
    I already know how to do the faro but not the table faro!!

  64. I don’t know what that feels like. I have never been nervous in front of someone. I have always been out there. I performed a trick the other day and messed up. And the guy was all, “I know how you did that! HAHAHAH” Well, when I finished the trick, which I did, he was like “Yeah I know– wait… how did you do that?” So continue a trick even if it goes wrong.

  65. i love all the tricks i wish to meat you brad cristian
    plise anserd , i wish to able to become like gambit in x men

  66. I absolutely love this new Podcast idea from Ellusionists, and Brad Christian has given all new aspiring magicians some key insights on how to handle yourself when you’re first beginning. I will, without a doubt, keep this page bookmarked and also look for new additions through e-mails, so I won’t miss the next Podcast.

    So thank you again Ellusionists and Brad Christian as well, this just goes to show how deeply you care for the art, as well as all the beginner magicians out there. Keep up the good work, and you will have me as a loyal customer for life!

  67. Thanks Brad. This was a good eye opener and reminder.

  68. WoW!! Now this is what Ellusionist is all about, and that is why they are my second home :)

  69. immmmm sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy im getting my decks

  70. @rose..i see ur a girl i guess doing magic..haha well thats awesome i dated a girl once weird story..i met her and she had a deck of cards annd i said wow ur a magician shes like..yah im like no way me to.and now were going out for 1 year.Anyway 50 cents..crazy..im just in this to get people watching I love having a audience becouse when i grew up i was a outcast now everyone at my school come up to me.

  71. Shannon Gebhard on:

    Thank you very much guys helped me a lot you are awesome.

  72. I think this is the best site in the world!
    I have always wanted to learn magic and be the best performer I can be. I am 29 years old and I think I am capable of learning all of these complicated tricks.
    What is the hardest trick to learn?
    How many tricks are there?

    Thank You

  73. Thanks Brad, so much,
    you were the one who inspired me to do magic in the first place and I really miss your teachings in the dvd’s. Can’t wait for new DVD’s with you in it coming out!

    God bless you bro,
    and thanks a lot for all the inspiration,

  74. lachlin Rajotte-c. on:

    Oh my god u are the biggest insperation ever u were always my favorite magician but now ur a true insperation ur the best!! i hope that i could one day really make money off my own talents!

  75. you’re awesome.
    that is really all i have to say
    you’re awesome
    i reckon that you taught me to be a real performer to really getr out of my comfort zone.
    You’re awesome

  76. Joe Hadsall on:

    Brad’s good at that. It’s so easy to get pumped up about performing after listening to him.

  77. matt mendoza on:

    I’ve never performed on the streets but if i could i would probably really enjoy it.

  78. matt mendoza on:

    I’ve never performed my magic on the streets but if I did i’m sure I would enjoy it.

  79. Giancarlo Baratta on:

    RT @ellusionist: Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast series http://bit.ly/9EhRx

  80. Would a movie theater b a good place?

  81. This is great! =D

  82. My biggest fear is not approaching a complete stranger, but rather blowing the trick, even though I’ve practiced it over and over.

  83. I am 15 years old and just ordered the DVD. hoping to get out on the streets and wow some people :) !

    Quent from Australia

  84. Kolten D Curits on:

    I know I’m kinda late on finding out about the ellusionist.com but i have had an account for three days now and already i have place three orders. I would like to say something to Brad personally….thank you Brad. You have finally let me see what is I truly want to do with my life. I was forcibly taken from the life I wanted before this and now I know that this is the profession I want master and maybe someday be more like you and work up the courage to do some magic on the streets and let my name be known. Thanks Brad.

  85. Aaron Masterson on:

    RT @ellusionist: Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast series http://bit.ly/gOd6tJ

  86. RT @th3MASTA: RT @ellusionist: Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast series http://bit.ly/gOd6tJ

  87. Miguel A. Calero Jr. on:

    I loved it. Great to hear from the master.

  88. Beastie ness forever


  90. Hey Brad, Joe,

    Thanks for the podcast, I’m 14 and a little creeped out when it comes to confronting a person, and it’s a bit weird to say “Hey! You! Come watch this!” which is the only thing I can ever think of when I’m doing street magic. Brad – I got How to do Street magic and now it’s constantly in my dvd drive of my computer. It’s epic! I also got a whole heap of decks and the new artifact coins :D.

    Looking forward to subscribing

  91. blog.ellusionist.com on:

    Next level 01.. Smashing :)

  92. Pedro Amaral on:

    Im getting amazed by the questions Im reading here so far o.O

  93. Kyle Mohundro on:

    I dont have anything more to say than very impressive ellusionist team, very impressive.

  94. Donald Obama on:

    Im getting the m5 whooa……………yes Obama is my uncle

  95. Hey guys just wanted to say these are nice looking decks. I don’t do magic, but I do collect cards and these are a must have for any card collector.

  96. I bought a copy of how to do street magic from ebay, Just made my 1st order on Ellusionist.
    I sooo want a clear Arcane briefcase.
    Thanks for a top notch service :)

  97. This is amazing, thanks for everything

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  101. david Kelly on:

    Approximate3ly 3weeks ago my soulemate my Kathy. Left me for someone else.im still broken. As she was packing up her things she found a few tricks in her dresser.she told me
    here is ur stupid tricks. I cried and told myself im done with my hobby. Two days ago i saw shift key and i ordered it.it got me excited a
    gain. Love is really the greatest magic there is.i will miss her.but im not going to let dreams die.i cry inside but i will go out and give my time to make someone smile. I know i will heal one day.thank u and keep me in ur prayers.

  102. Rob Tomlinson on:

    good advice with the force a card and read there mind!