Available soon: Gregory Wilson brings magic to Arcane Gaff deck

November 3rd, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Man, did we have a crazy Monday. Lost in all the Monday Metal Madness: Jason Brumbalow posted some pictures of the next great gaff deck. Oh, did we say “some pictures?” We meant the whole frickin’ thing, white and black.

The Arcane Gaff Deck is our latest offering for card magicians who love to perform with the powerful surprises gaff cards offer. This deck was developed, redeveloped and downright drilled in dental fashion. We had a ton of ideas for gaff cards, and then Gregory Wilson got involved. This deck took on a life of its own after that — 65 ideas were thrown out.

The result is the strongest gaff deck created to date, and that’s coming from the company that redefined gaff cards (Ah, that tree of hearts… we remember it fondly). Inside you’ll find a couple of traditional favorites, but most of these cards feature new ideas, presentations and routines developed by Wilson.

The decks are on their way and will be available on Nov. 15, along with a two-hour DVD with Greg’s teaching. More details are coming soon. Until then, we have some post-Halloween candy for your eyes. Pick your favorite color:

Click here to see the WHITE Arcane gaff gallery.

Click here to see the BLACK Arcane gaff gallery.


  1. Next great gaff deck available soon: Greg Wilson brings magic to Arcane: Man, did we have a crazy Monday. Lost in … http://bit.ly/9Sdsv3

  2. Have you seen the cards in the new Arcane Gaff Deck yet? Full galleries of both white and black decks are here: http://bit.ly/aAM3xw

  3. Apolonia Skywalk on:

    RT @ellusionist: Next great gaff deck available soon: Gregory Wilson brings magic to Arcane http://bit.ly/c5FBLi

  4. Not going to lie these things are awefull the artwork hardly matches that of the orginal

  5. how do i see the whole gallery?

  6. I cant see more than the first picture. I’ve tried both firefox and IE is there a next button that I cant find or something?

  7. These cards are sexy. That’s the best way to describe them.

  8. I can only see the first card?? What is up?

  9. oh plz…

    let me save my salary.. dude T. T

    what a Sexy Gaff deck !!

  10. Rome Magic Man on:

    Lots of great Gaffs here. Some of the oldies, but alot of cool new stuff. Grea Job Greg and Ellusionist.

  11. bigBENmagicman on:

    this deck looks epic. can’t wait. i’m buying the white one

  12. how come when i go to see the gallery i only get the picture of the gaff card to be used in “suit yourself”?

  13. I squirted a little when I saw these. I can’t wait to get these. The steamer will ruin people. Hope these don’t crash the site too.

  14. how can you see the rest of the cards??
    I can only see the first one ( blank face).
    isv it broken?

  15. To anyone who cant see anything but the first card I think I found your problem
    there is more further down but your computer cant scroll down to it for some reason. Try full screening your web browser F11 for you windows users. not sure about mac but you should probably know no matter what your using. and if you dont know how to do it click view on your web browser and click full screen.

    hope that helps you who cant see them about to check them out myself!

  16. to Taylor, thank you man .
    your my new hero :) ( just kidding)
    but enyway it works, thanks man

  17. how do u create a gaff deck?

  18. They look great. I’m counting down to the 15th.

  19. im willing to bet that ellusionist site will crash again due to overloading (alot of ppl will order this on the first day

  20. If I get a tattoo tribute to the Arcane deck can you send me a arcanr gaff deck and a few Arcane decks my way so I can perform my gaffed tattoo along with the those cards that you guys have made a masterpiece?

  21. Ummm… I don’t mean to be mean, but where are they? When will they be available on the website? Today is the 15th, right?

  22. is there any black arcane deck right now???

  23. is there any black arcane gaff deck right now sir?????