New releases make Metal an essential series on coin magic

December 13th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Metal, a signature video from a master prestidigitator, just went from an indispensible work to a must-have collection.

The next chapters of Eric Jones’ highly-reviewed Metal cover the next levels of coin magic, and take coin workers to new heights of beauty, structuring, routining and impact.

In Metal 2: Commanding Coin Magic, Jones goes way beyond basics. Filled with brilliant routines and live performances, Jones presents eight effects that take the basics of Metal and make mesmerizing magic. He also talks at length about pacing, blocking, redirection, looking natural and much more.

Metal 3: Guide to Gaffed Coin Magic puts sleight of hand to use with well-known gaffs. Standard trick coins such as shells and flipper coins go from gimmicks to heavy-duty tools, once you learn what a magician like Jones does with them. Also filled with performances and advice, the video includes nine effects that leave spectators stunned with the impossibilty they witnessed.

Metal 2 and Metal 3 are available right now. And for the next 12 hours, you could score in an extra bonus — you can get free downloads, or you could win sets of Artifact coins, including our rare Gold Artifacts. Or you could win an online master class with Eric Jones himself.


  1. Aaron Czarnecki on:

    What a great Birthday present to me! Eric Jones is the Master of Coin Magic! I have enjoyed watching the first of the Metel series and now look forward to viewing the second and third. I hope to be as good as Eric some day ha! All the best ~ Czar

    why ellusionist, I just got my package 3 days ago.
    and now you bring me the pure awesomeness of Eric Jones???
    shipping is a pain in the *** for me, so I can’t order now.
    but I can’t hate either, it’s freaking Eric Jones, the legend and one of my main examples of how magic and a magician should look preforming. smooth and relexed

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