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August 4th, 2011 | Jake Steele | Filed Under General

New York Methodist Hospital

New York Methodist Hospital is looking for some altruistic magicians to donate a little bit of their time to help patients in need. That is all. They’re looking for magicians who can give moments of astonishment to entertain patients who could do with a smile, in both the rehabilitation rooms, and the infusion center where they receive chemotherapy.

We think it was Patch Adams who said something about Laughter being the best medicine (mainly because most of our research starts and ends with Robin Williams movies). We also think he was wrong, or at least – not entirely right. Laughter’s important, but hope and wonder is where it’s at – and we think Magic gives patients that unique gift that no other artform can. Which is why we’re asking if there are people in our community who are willing to donate their skills to New York Methodist, even if it’s just for a few hours.

You can make a day of it. See Sunny Brooklyn. Catch the F Train. Miss the F Train. All that stuff. For further details and to apply, get in touch with Amanda at New York Methodist, here.

We’re very much behind the ‘using our skills to help others’ bit, so as a thank you to those who go out of their way to donate their time, we’d like to send you a little something too, as a token of our appreciation. We’ve got 5 such tokens to give away. It’s nothing compared to the appreciation you’ll receive from the patients, nor is it as good as the gift you receive yourself for helping others in need, but – it’s a gift from us because we truly would appreciate your contribution. We’ll be in touch with New York Methodist to get the details of those who graciously volunteered and brightened the day for their patients.

Did you know?…

Jason ‘JBone’ Brumbalow, lead designer and VP of Ellusionist, spends a few hours on Fridays as often as his schedule allows, performing magic for children at the local hospital. Read more about it in this post. Even if you’re not based anywhere near New York – take a day and go visit your local hospital. Volunteer to perform some magic for the patients.You’ll get as much out of it as the patients will.


  1. I’ve been looking for hospitals and what not that would possibly need this. I.E. I’ve been looking fo rthis type of job/volunteer work. So in a way… Thank you Ellusionist. I’ll at least definitely be checking it out.


  2. I’m all about charity, and helping people feel better. Thank you sincerely for letting me know about this. I’ll most certainly be making a trip up to New York in the very near future.

  3. I did check it out – I filled out the web form in the wee hours of Monday morning, Amanda called me back Monday afternoon and I have an interview for Thursday! Wish me luck!