New worldwide shipping option eliminates hidden fees, adds tracking

May 22nd, 2013 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

One of the things that causes us plenty of frustration is shipping internationally — only because it causes our international customers so much frustration.

The costs are generally higher. Customers get charged customs, duties or whatever a country decides to call “taxes.” And in some cases, customers wouldn’t find out about these charges until they tried to pick up their item. The whole process made us want to bang our heads against walls, because our customers would get rubbed the wrong way, and there was nothing we could do about it.

Until now. Ellusionist is now working with for international shipping.

All costs paid up front. Automatic tracking. Faster arrival.

i-Parcel gives us a better way to serve our non-U.S. customers, and the prices are comparable to services we used from UPS and U.S. Postal Service. We have always tried to keep international shipping as affordable as possible, and this new affiliation lets us do exactly that. We are thrilled to be working with the company, and strongly encourage our international customers to choose that option.

Got questions? We got answers.

What exactly is i-Parcel?
In a nutshell, it is a delivery company that helps online retailers ship internationally. Through a combination of technology and logistics, they maintain a network that combines all duties, customs or other shipping fees and negotiates them up front.

So i-Parcel is just another shipping company? What makes them so different?
The big difference is because of their networks and agreements at different points in the exporting process, they are able to EXPEDITE the whole thing. We have sent them our product information, and that has allowed them to develop specific codes that allow our packages to easily pass through the customs process. That means packages we send through i-Parcel go through customs more quickly, and show up at your door sooner.

Is it more expensive?
Generally, no. While there might be some instances of i-Parcel costing more, we’re seeing comparable rates next to UPS and USPS. But what really makes the savings stand out is that i-Parcel figures in all customs or duties up front, before you pay. Check out this example of what it costs to send a brick of playing cards to Canada. The preferred i-Parcel shipping price doesn’t appear to be the cheapest option. But on a closer examination, the UPS and USPS options don’t include brokerage or duty fees.

So no surprise fees upon delivery?
None. i-Parcel charges those at the time of purchase, so you won’t get a bill when you get your package.

Wait, brokerage? That sounds like a negotiation.
In a way, that’s true. UPS and USPS sometimes charge a separate brokerage fee to negotiate their shipping rates. i-Parcel charges no such fee.

How much does tracking an i-Parcel package cost?
That cost is built-in. Every i-Parcel shipment is trackable over the Internet from point A to point B — or in this case, from point E to point U. That’s a big deal, because tracking options with UPS or USPS often stops at the U.S. border.

Will I really get my package faster?
Yes. i-Parcel has put a lot of work into its network, and its relationship with other countries really helps expedite the import-export process.

How do I use i-Parcel?
It’s as easy as selecting a shipping option. During the checkout process, you’ll see several options and their associated costs. Select the one that works best for you.

Does i-Parcel ship to my country?
Most likely. However, i-Parcel doesn’t ship to every country. Keep in mind that some shipping situations are out of everyone’s control because of governmental laws or regulations.

How do I find out if i-Parcel ships to my country?
The same process customers have been using to check availability. In a nutshell: Load your cart with a deck of playing cards, then go through the checkout process. When filling out your address, select an i-Parcel option and check the drop-down menu for countries available. If you see your country, you can use i-Parcel.

Actually, you guys should have used (Brand X shipping or method). I have a good history with that.
If that’s true, then keep doing that. i-Parcel is simply another option for our international customers, and it may not work for everyone. But the company’s network offers the most benefits for the most international customers. We’re no strangers — we’ve been shipping internationally for more than 10 years, and have always worked to find the best deals available. We are absolutely thrilled with what i-Parcel allows us to give to customers across the globe.

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