New toys turn playing cards into building blocks

January 12th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Yes. That is a TIE Fighter. From Star Wars. Made out of Rider backs.

This heap of awesome is possible with a new invention called Skallops (spotted on Gizmodo). These laser-cut pieces of wood enable you to easily and seamlessly connect cards in a variety of ways. The guys behind these little connectors have launched a Kickstarter page, so you can get your own set once they go into full-scale production.

A Skallops connector features a variety of slots that hold either cards or other connectors. The idea has been in the head of creator Marshall Grinstead, who was able to make his creation come to life once he found a laser that can cut birch plywood. It’s like a bunch of wooden K’Nex specially made to turn your cards into Legos. A starter pack costs $45 and comes with two decks of cards.

Tip o’ the hat made out of cards to David Mitchell, who has already allegedly built a second bunker out of Skallops and cards.


  1. Marshall Grinstead on:

    Thanks for the blog post! Let us know if you have any questions about the toy.

    Mike, Evan, and Marshall

  2. Super-cool! I love the CONNECTION between Magic & Technology!

    Bob Miller