New routines, ideas, interviews part of Houchin’s Control: Director’s Cut

December 14th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel, General, Products

Magic evolves. A sleight or effect, once created, doesn’t just remain the same. It grows and learns, like a living creature, and we learn from it.

Wayne Houchin has been in the process of evolving two of his creations. We already told you about Sinful: The Graphic Novel. But another project he has coming out takes a heart-stopping (literally) effect and expands it in several different directions.

In Control, you make your heart stop at your command as a spectator feels your pulse slow, then stop. Control: The Directors Cut features everything in the original Control DVD, but also includes new presentations, ideas and interviews, including:

  • An effect called Stop by Daniel Garcia, which allows a spectator to hear your heart slow, then stop, as if you were knockin’ on heaven’s door.
  • An interview with Dexter, of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak.
  • Remember Randall? He’s back. We’ll leave it at that.

Control: The Director’s Cut features more than 143 minutes of Houchin’s teaching, performances, tips and more dealing with this death-defying effect. It is impromptu and chillingly convincing. It requires no gimmicks or gadgets under your arm. It will be available from Ellusionist very soon.


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  2. New routines, ideas, interviews part of Houchin’s Control: Director’s Cut: Magic evolves. A sleight or effect, ..

  3. LOVE Ellusionist! i buy EVERYTHING magicla from here im loading up on items from Ultrgaff deck to Stigmata. Also…. i cant WAIT to stop my pulse and heart. im also trying for the contest. i hope i win the shopping spree, the arcane decks, or private lesson from brad christian. but i wish one of the prizes was a private lesson with u to. ur amazing!