New Magic show for the UK.

March 15th, 2008 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under General

Magic on UK TV seems to be taking an upturn as of lately with a number of specials and shows having aired. These shows have subsequently spread across the shores to the US; the trend seems to be continuing. We’ve heard of a new magic show will be shooting this summer at bars around the UK.

The show that has yet to be named is being produced for a new UK channel launching this year. The difference—they are working with a little known magician who’ll be performing his own material alongside the cream of effects from the magic community in a ‘new and unique way’.

Having spoken to the magician at the center of the show, we’re sure that UK viewers are in for a treat, and a refreshing change in magic shows. “Everything I’m performing in the show, from my own material to the already released material, will be very unique in its presentation.”

As to what the unique slant is and who the mystery newcomer is—stay tuned, and don’t touch that dial—we’ll be right back!


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  2. Sean Rafael on:

    Could this be the Sorcerers Apprentice thing starring David Penn?

    I wonder… we need more magic shows on TV over here – aside from Criss Angel. I love watching magic.

    – Sean

  3. i think its this dude called damien o brien.. show might be called magic party or sumthing like that on bbc1 chek out

  4. yeah could be damien o’brien as i heard he been filming in all different places like jamaica ireland and coventry and was on BBC the other day live at the 1Xtra live event hmmmm i think ellusionist needs too tell us who it is

  5. yeah i heard the it could be damien obrien too he is doing alot these days dynamo better watch back looks like there is a new kid on the street to take the crown

    that be great damien vs dynamo, north vs south id pay to watch that

  6. Hi everyone i just like to confirm that it was not me who was interviewed by elusionist about my TV show magic party but nice to see people taking intrest in my magic thank you and hope you all tune in to the show this may details will be on my new website when it relaunch’s this april

    peace Damien O’Brien

  7. So, if it’s not Damien O Brien… who is it?!