Nate Staniforth Podcast Interview Coming Soon

January 15th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Products

Nate Staniforth - MagicianHave you guys seen the new DVD from Nate Staniforth? Nate’s DVD – Nate Staniforth – Magician is performance only and contains some powerful presentations. From time-to-time I read negative comments on various magic forums regarding performance only material. Personally I am a fan of performance only magic DVDs. I just love watching good magic. If you’ve only been in magic a short time I can appreciate the fact that you’re trying to absorb all you can and want to know every secret. We’ve all been there. However watching a real pro just work is also an education and Nate provides some excellent routines on this DVD. There’s a couple of effects that I’m not sure how they work.

After I watched the DVD I sent an email out to Nate asking if he would like to be part of my first Ellusionist Podcast. He enthusiastically replied yes and last week we recorded the interview. I’m in the process of editing it over the next few days and should have it ready to go by the end of the week.

Check out the product page to read more about the DVD and listen to the Podcast when I post it in a few days. Nate’s a really nice guy and talented magician. It will be well worth your time!


  1. I completely agree with you. I love performance only DVDs. In a lot of ways, they teach me so much more about performing magic than any ‘training’ DVD.

    I have been a fan ever since watching Nate’s first DVD release (“Spellbinder”) probably around a year ago. I love his performance style and his simplistic and ‘rough’ performance.

    Both DVDs get a strong recommendation from me.

  2. he look like matthew thieson from ‘relient k’.