MUD! Saving your decks from the Tropical Storm

September 9th, 2010 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under General

What a day. As we move the LAST shipment of the Ellusionist warehouse goodies to our new shipping facility in Texas, good ole’ Texas Mother Nature decided to dump half of the gulf of Mexico on us for 3 days. Our truck drove through a tropical storm all the way through the state only to end up in the MUD. When the truck arrived at our warehouse, it was met with our excitement AND our mud.

When you have over 15 TONS of playing cards in tow, and you have super-saturated ground, something is going to give. I wish I had a picture of what I looked like after chaining the tires of the truck with the driver and spinning them for a half-hour.

All that aside, everything arrived safely, dry as a bone and is now fully stocked and ready to ship out.

Post script – Why move to Texas? Centralizing the shipping location means less cost for all USA customers (on average). We have been tirelessly working to reduce shipping costs across the board, and this was a huge improvement. A couple of decks no longer costs $5 to ship. Most domestic US locations can now get them shipped for about $2.79 for USPS. UPS costs have lowered (on average) by almost $2. Groovy, indeed.



  1. Jacob Flickinger on:

    I like that you thought of your customers in the decision to move the shipping facility. Thank you!

  2. MUD! Saving your decks from the Tropical Storm:
    What a day. As we move the LAST shipment of the Ellusionist wareh…

  3. So when are you getting a UK warehouse set up? 😉
    Nah, I’m happy to pay for UPS really…

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