More Control: Director’s cut now available

December 23rd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Here is your chance to take control.

Wayne Houchin has released a special director’s cut of his pulse-stopping — literally — effect. Brilliant in its simplicity, Control lets your spectators hear your heart quicken, slow, then come to a dead stop.

Control: The Director’s Edition is 143 minutes long and includes several new features, including:

  • New interview footage of Dexter, Daniel Garcia and Randall (yes! Randall is back!) that strings sections of the DVD together.
  • Remastering and re-editing for a sharpened look.
  • New ideas that didn’t exist at the time of the first edition.
  • Training about the new “Johnston Justification, which lets you perform Control under “test conditions”: That means a doctor or nurse verifies everything you do and say. SWEET.
  • A section with nothing but advice and tips for practicing the effect.

Houchin said the additions enhance the original effect, which was originally released with Theory 11.

“If you own the original DVD and Control works perfectly for you, you may not find much use in this new edition,” Houchin said. “However, if you have had trouble performing Control in the past, if you are interested in learning how to perform Control even when there’s a doctor present, or if you simply overlooked this effect when it was first released, CONTROL: The Director’s Edition is for you.”


  1. More Control: Director’s cut now available: Here is your chance to take control.
    Wayne Houchin has released a s..