Monday’s mystery sales item: Shapeshifter DVD

May 11th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Today’s mystery item is a standard move used by many card magicians: Shapeshifter.

This is a hypervisual card change that, unlike clunky one-handed, in-a-flash changes, ends clean. This move is used by many magicians, including David Blaine. It works well as a standalone trick, but becomes much more powerful when you incorporate it into your routines. You’ll even love simply practicing this effect — you won’t be able to get enough of that popping sound.

Admit it: You have seen a lot of magicians perform this sleight badly, and you may be one of them. Though covered in other videos, the only place to watch the creator, Marc DeSouza, teach all the critical subtleties is in this DVD. Brad Christian also throws in subtleties, advice and an outstanding practice regimen that will help you perform this sleight flawlessly and powerfully each time. In addition, you’ll learn some other great sleights and routines, including the LePaul Sidesteal and Gypsy Burn routine that use Shapeshifter.

For today only, the Shapeshifter DVD is $14.97 — 40 percent off its usual price. It’s part of the Five 40% Days Sale.

What’s coming tomorrow? Check back then.


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