MIRACLE WORKERS: Magician will live, perform in Plexiglas box

March 21st, 2013 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Miracle Workers

Whatever they say about boxes and creativity, Derek McKee has different ideas.

As part of a fundraiser for the Little Red Wagon Foundation, McKee will live in a Plexiglas box for a week stationed at 16th Street Mall in Denver. While in the box, he’ll perform magic for passers by, according to a report in the Littleton Independent.

McKee, who has performed at The Magic Castle and was featured in “Make Believe,” said he hopes to raise food donations and raise awareness about what Denver’s estimated 1,500 homeless youth and teens endure. The boxed benefit is the product of a lot of talking and brainstorming with friends, family and mentors, he said.

“It’s a way to raise awareness about Denver’s homeless youth and to have the most unique canned-food drive in the state. This subgenre of kids are the most likely to be bullied, beaten up, put into sex slavery and abused, and are the mostly likely to die at a young age.”

The foundation gathers those supplies in “Zachpacks,” which contain basics such as food and hygiene products, and other goodies such as toys and coloring books. McKee is a board member of the foundation, which was started by Zach Bonner in 2005.


  1. John Tucker on:

    His name is Derek McKee. Twitter is @Derek_Mckee . Not David! Haha.