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February 2nd, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel

Criss Angel - The MimeFreakAre you ready?

MimeFreak answers the question – “What if Criss Angel was inspired by Shields & Yarnell, instead of Doug Henning?”

Forget the parody – this is how some of us REALLY see Criss Angel.

Below is the first episode. Be sure to check out the other episodes of MimeFreak.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. This movie is sort of funny I just wanna know is this trying to prove to eavery one that Criss sucks ?

  2. That’s sooo funny! Where did his smile go?!!!

  3. that was pretty funny
    very clever

  4. ..::Trickmaster::… on:

    Holy &@!&!!(!! WTF? WHere the ********** did his *****’n smile go?

    Now that’s real magic!

    Lmao, this is the next series of magician parodies (like David blaine parodies, what the f?)

  5. i dont know why everyone keeps trying to beat down criss angel…¿?
    he s responsable for a LOT of people being interested in magic, searchin on google places to learn and finding E, and if i dont remember wrong E used to sell his products (mastermind series…)
    so i think we have to put more on the spectators perspective, and relax a little
    He have worked a lot to become who is he now (doesnt matter if hje is so good or so bad, the only that matter if people respond to his work…), and maybe those who dont like see magic this way, can stop looking on somebody else work, and start looking of what we do to change things…

  6. Even though I hate it when people mock Criss Angel……. That was funny as hell. Wher the ***k did his smile go?

  7. that was the freakenest,stupedist thing i ever saw

  8. Better and more enteraining than any real episode of Midfreak I’ve ever seen…

  9. Good god, can’t someone just make a nice parody video without everyone thinking that you hate whatever is being spoofed? I mean, I can understand the Linkin Park thing since I was quite mean to them (even though I like them), but Mimefreak doesn’t insult Criss Angel at all. I don’t get why people think it does.

  10. haha…this is funny!!! though its not really appropriate to make fun of a magician like that whom ever he may be….none of us would like that happen to ourselves…!
    i liked the part when the guy emphasized the fact that no actors nor camera tricks were involved and that what we see is what we get!!!

    when criss does that…(and we now that when he does that, none of the above is as he says)…he just ruins it for other magicians…for that ppl will never believe us again!!!


  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude….i love that…..how freakin’ funny. I want to see some more of those episodes….

  12. HOLY CRAP HIS SMILE VANISHED! I’ve got to learn that one! (next E product?)

    HAHA… awesome video and a great find. I bet Criss Angel is laughing his @$$ off somewhere!

  13. That pretty much sums up criss angel. In another word “FAKE”

  14. this is great, CRIIS ANGEL IS THE WORST MAGICIAN EVER, he has not helped the magic community but has destroyed it!! no talent , no talent and rides the coattails of other magicians, nothing original in what he does, but i have to say the hairclub for men does a great job on him. his stooges are more entertaining, i also heard he has screwed some talented magicians also, JUST HOPE HE GOES AWAY!!!

  15. this is hilarious. if you think this is funny watch the third david blaine spoof.

  16. alright i don’t know why a lot of you magicians are so down on criss. He’s a magician, like it or not. If what he says on t.v is a lie, who cares. we all lie in some way and do tricks just the same. We all have our own methods. If his tricks are camera tricks, so be it.. its a trick and it fools people and makes a conection on some level with certain lay people. Thats what every magician wants to do.

  17. Judging by the actors and camera cuts, I’m not sure if this is a spoof or an actual MindFreak episode.

  18. rocco giovacchini on:

    some really do see criss angel like this i see him like this through his tv show . but his live show really cant be beat!

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