McBride: Magic success comes simply from practicing

September 16th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

You can tell Justin Robert Young used to be a newspaper journalist, because he gets his interview subjects to say awesomely profound things. His interviewing secret: Ask a question, then shut up and let the subject talk.

Jeff McBride, celebrity judge on VH-1’s CelebraCadabra, star of Magic at the Edge and the new Wonderground night club in Las Vegas, was featured on a recent iTricks Magic Week in Review. During the interview, he talked about the magic scene in Vegas: Specifically, how the competition is tough, how the audiences have already seen a lot of great magic and that it is best to be invited there, rather than just showing up and hitting the streets. Oh, and “TV is for suckaz.”

Back on point, McBride, who has a long history of training magicians, said all is not lost for someone with big performance aspirations:

“The good news is this. To make a name for yourself in the magic industry, you don’t have to four-wall a room in Vegas. You just need to practice and get really good.”

McBride cites the lecture notes of Rudy Coby and says that there are only two things you need: Original material and strong character. The latter takes priority, because it takes years to build.

While you’re waiting to scoop up Tattoo Joe, check out the podcast with McBride and prepare to have your world rocked.


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