McBride, De’vo roll out new online features

April 2nd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Magic and flourishing on the Internet keeps getting bigger and better.

Jeff McBride, founder and president of McBride’s Magic and Mystery School, has done a major overhaul of his umpteen Web sites. Two of his publications, including his Secret Art Journal and Museletters, have now been converted into blog formats. And areas of McBride’s sites for fans and for clients have been separated. There is A TON of information to be found at It’s easy to get lost for a couple of days. His Magic and Meaning Pep Talks are well worth the time.

XCMers and Handlordz rejoice: You have new forums. Master manipulator De’vo vom Shattenreich has rolled out redesigned forums that are much easier to browse. The new forums are on the vBulletin platform, so they have plenty of the features we know and love, including a rep system and friend networks. Users will also find plenty of videos, tutorials and other XCM info. The forum’s admins have also installed plugins that allow embedded videos in threads.


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